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Yichang Museum

If you love pottery or have a fetish for a great bowl, then be sure to stop by the Yichang Museum where people have apparently been throwing pots for a very long time.

The Yichang Museum features artifacts from around the area. I can’t say much about the pots…

Here’s a three legged pot. It’s called a ‘Ding’.

Here’s a Ding made of bronze.

A bronze bell.

Bronze pot with tiger handle.

And now the story of A Bronze Mirror That Suffered Many A Danger:


“After this bronze mirror with inscription of Chinese characters was unearthed, it was broken into two pieces and was appropriated by the lawless persons, but in the process of its selling, the police intercepted it, as a result one of the two lawless persons was sentenced to to ten years imprisonment and another lost his life.

This mirror was prevalent from Emporer Wu to Wang Ming of Han dynasty, that was 2100 to 1950 years ago.”

And that wraps up our tour of the Yichang Museum. It’s a great way to spend 20 minutes.

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