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21 months down


Today marks 21 months of waiting for our adopted child.

Right now, we find ourselves a little confused by the new requirement for all families using non-Hague agencies to transfer to Hague agencies. We are trying to figure out if this change also includes those who live in China.

We called a well connected person in the adoption community who is based in Beijing. She also wondered if the new rule applies to expats. Right now, we’re waiting to see what she finds out through her contacts. Even though we have no new information, it felt so good to be proactive.

I need to do something.

I organized my cookie cutter collection.

I baked banana bread and chocolate muffins.

I e-mailed a friend to get her agency contact information. We’re a very strange case because we live in China which gives us an “expedited adoption” and only selected US agencies know how or can to process us. Again, I’m trying to figure all this out.

Meanwhile, our current agency is bending over backwards to make this transition smooth and has promised to be of any assistance until our adoption is complete.

In moments of despair, different conversations keep coming to mind. People who told us not to adopt. Those who questioned why we were adopting. A doctor who wants me to get pregnant soon because 35 is lurking. People who encouraged us to have bio kids. All in love. All in kindness.

But we continued on.

In the chaos of this adoption – and that is what it feels like right now – I’m losing sleep.

3 comments to 21 months down

  • Fred Ellison

    We hope you don't think this is some kind of a mistake, having kids. And then they turn into teenagers. Jana getting married on east coast of USA next year, hope to see you along the way

  • Valerie Olson

    Best of luck, I hear it's not the easiest process in any country you happen to live in. Hope everything turns out in your favor!!

  • marianne

    Ahhh, I am so sorry for the frustration! We went through all of that, especially when we had to stop the process in Albania and changed to China!! I continue to pray for your little one, wherever he/she may be!!

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