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Today, of all days.


Today, Hubs and I stopped three times to lift up this adoption and all the changes that may be on the way . Feeling the urgency of this situation, we e-mailed all of our friends and family and asked them to join us.

12:37pm Our agency has received an

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100 days until 01.01.10


When we returned to China in February, we took an official break from DVD’s. We wanted to get back into a really good work ethic and focus our time on things that matter. That break lasted an unplanned 102 days.

During that time, we noticed that we didn’t really miss DVD’s except for when

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Peace Like a River

The name ‘Yichang’ means a place of prosperity. The ancient name for Yichang is ‘Yiling’ which means “where the tumultuous river becomes calm and the mountains turn to plains”.

Geographically, this precisely describes our city at the mouth of the Three Gorges and would explain why it is a place of prosperity.

In ancient days

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Home by 3


Our train arrived in Wuhan after 8am. Unfortunately, the train to Yichang left at 7:50am so we’ll be taking the bus home. We stopped for a yummy breakfast of jiaozi, reganmian and fresh, hot soy milk in the train station.

In order to get to the bus station, we had to pile in

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Another Day with Deacon


This morning, Aimee and family had to stay inside their hotel room until 11am because they needed to be by the phone while their case worker took all of their paperwork to the US Consulate in preparation for Deacon’s citizenship ceremony tomorrow. While they held down the fort, we slipped away to meet the

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A young Chinese girl pines for her twin

Nine-year-old Zeng Shangjie asks her mother when she can see her twin sister, taken away by family planning officials. Shangjie and her mother believe the twin is in the United States.

By Barbara Demick September 20, 2009

Original LA Times article here.

Reporting from Gaoping, China – In a village tucked deep in a lush

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