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Happy Halloween 2009

It was a rainy Saturday for us, but we still managed to have some fun in our own way… like playing in the puddles and riding the bus into town.

Happy Halloween!

Schäfer loves to carry the pumpkin around.


Schäfer worked on a couple of crafts. One was

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Pumpkin Carving 2009

On 10.27, we were out for a walk in the neighborhood when we came across this Nai Nai who had 2 big pumpkins. What a rare find! We weren’t planning on carving a pumpkin this year, but once I saw it, I knew we had to carve it. Total price: 6rmb ($1).

Since Chinese

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The Crab Dance Competition


At the first parent/teacher conference, Teacher Liu mentioned that there would be a “competition” in October. Last week, Teacher Liu asked me to dress Schäfer in an orange shirt and blue jeans on the 29th. OK!

I went home and checked out his clothes to find 2 orange shirts and 2 blue jeans options.

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Chinglish #83

The name of a new shopping mall: Populacefairyland

Chinglish #82

Omnipotent Machine

Chinglish #81

Seating reserved for consumption of McDonald’s guest only