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Adoption Timeline


July 4
contacted agency

July 13th
made 2nd contact with agency

July 21
completed preliminary application fact

July 24
began the official Adoption Application

July 25
completed 5 documents for application

July 27
4 references were received by agency

July 31
applied for newly issued birth certificates through VitalChek
so let the paper chase begin!

July 30
China criminal clearance issued

August 1
new marriage license issued
Sandra’s new birth certificate issued

August 3
Shorel’s birth certificate issued
Shorel and Sandra completed a medical clearance

August 6
Arkansas Secretary of State certifies marriage license

August 9
Sandra birth certificate certified by the Secretary of State

August 10
Shorel birth certificate certified by the Secretary of State

August 15
at the Embassy in Hong Kong notarized:
Pre-Home Study/Adoption Agreement
Shorel’s Medical Exam
Sandra’s Medical Exam
Request for Expedition of Adoption Application
Sandra’s Unemployment Certificate

also took fingerprints which were later deemed unusable

August 17
letter of employment issued

August 27
Sandra and Shorel’s criminal history report from the U.S. are issued

September 4
embassy appointment in Beijing to give fingerprints & complete the 1-600A application

September 13
employment letter certified by Secretary of State

September 17
Sandra and Shorel’s criminal history report certified by Secretary of State

September 19-22
home study

October 10
home study complete

October 22
home study notarized

October 23
Oops. Embassy forgot to ask for one more signature. They’re mailing the 1-600A back.

October 24
home study certified by the Hawaii Secretary of State

October 29
mailed 1-600A to Beijing with signature

November 2
I-171H approved

November 14
home study received China Authentication from Chinese Embassy in D.C.

November 15
received official I-171H

November 19
appointment at US consulate in Guangzhou
got I-171H affidavit
notarized our application letter “Dear People’s Republic of China…”

December 3
US Consulate in Guangzhou mailed letter stating our case number

December 4
The Assistant Stork sent 11 documents to the US Secretary of State for authentication. Then, she carried those same documents to the Chinese Embassy in D.C. for China Authentication.

December 12-13
Hubs wired 4800 rmb to CCAA for processing fee and 2,190 rmb to Bridge of Love for translation of our dossier

December 14
The Assistant Stork carried our final document (which the Nanamaw accidentally forgot to mail with the original pack) over to the US Secretary of State and then to the Chinese Embassy in D.C. for authentication.

December 17
dossier completed

December 21
dossier mailed to China

December 24
dossier received by CCAA

December 29
dossier logged with CCAA


February 28
received a grant from a non-profit. The money goes directly to our agency to assist in adoption expenses.

March 15
learned that we were logged on December 29

June 11
Adoption continues to slow down. We decided to visit the states. Wrote a letter to our school requesting a semester off.

June 17
CTGU approves a semester off

November 17
traveled to Memphis, TN for fingerprint run around with the Homeland Security office

December 2
traveled to Ft. Smith, AR to renew our I-600A fingerprints

December 13
original 1-600A fingerprints expired

December 20
received an e-mail that CCAA has changed the required orphanage “donation” fee from $3000 USD to $5000USD. This is the first increase they’ve had in the orphanage donation since 1989. Additionally, the money is to be paid in 35,000 rmb ($5,120 USD at current exchange rate).


April 3
Shorel and Sandra receive 2nd criminal report

April 7
Shorel and Sandra receive 2nd criminal history report

April 10
updated our medical clearance

April 14
home study updated and ready for submission to update i-600A

March 11
received 2nd local criminal clearance

March 18
Beijing Embassy appointment to notarized background checks for home study renewal

April 21
appointment at Beijing Embassy to file an I-600A extension
also had U.S. criminal history report certified

April 29
I-600A extension granted

May 11
I-171H renewed

May 17
Swine Flu delays matching

July 1
China news article broke the story of children being taken by family planning officials and sold to orphanages for international adoption

September 19
CCAA announces all families using non-Hague agencies must find a new Hague approved agency

September 24
our agency receives a letter confirming CCAA’s Hague announcement

October 1
spoke with Beijing rep. we will need to search for a new agency.
made initial contact with 5 agencies to explore transfer costs

October 9
another contact approached CCAA on our behalf

waiting for…

referral – The Match!

travel approval

Adoption Day

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