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Complete Randomness

:: This morning when I picked Schäfer up from preschool, I heard his class singing so I peaked around the corner and watched him preforming a new song in front of the class. The songs motions involve a friend so Schäfer picked out Xin Yi whose Mom was my first Chinese teacher. We were pregnant at the same time. We gave birth in the same week. We celebrated our babies 100th day together. And now there those babies were – singing songs together in preschool.

:: Schäfer now imitates his teacher playing the piano. It looks like “air piano”. I love watching him play.

:: Do you ever have a moment where you feel the marker of a season? I had one the other night after supper. Well, Hubs and I were still eating, but Schäfer was done so he was doing some spinning and dancing around the living room while laughing out loud.

And then I knew: our Small Family Days are numbered. It will never be just us 3 again. I do want our family to grow, but I have really enjoyed this season of getting to know Schäfer and learning how to parent him over the last – almost – 3 years.

:: Lately, I’ve been frustrated when people say that my Chinese is good because I know how much further I have to go. Trust me, I have a long ways to go. The question is: Am I committed to getting there? I wonder if I’m going to settle for where I am or am I going to dig in deep and painfully launch to the next level?

I want the next level, but I want it easy. I don’t want to look at books for hours. I don’t want to flip flashcards every night before I go to sleep. So, I’m searching for motivation. I think I need a goal such as if I memorize 5,000 new words then I get…

What would you want?

:: This afternoon was a sunny 68 degrees.

:: Today, I changed out all the spring/summer clothes for the fall/winter clothes.  We store our clothes in suitcases because our closets are too small to hold winter and summer clothes at the same time. I’ve come to enjoy taking everything out of the closet and simplifying twice a year.

:: I read a blog that has just reminded me that it’s 11 weeks until Christmas. Are the Christmas decorations already out at Walmart? This is one great things about living overseas – we’re not rushed into a holiday three months before it arrives. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hubs has a rule not to start the Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving.  The iPod has been known to crank some cheer just after we finish eating  on Thanksgiving Day. Anyway, just wanted to say that it’s almost the middle of the month and I’m really enjoying October.

:: Speaking of October, I’d like to come up with a Halloween tradition for our family. During Schäfer’s first Halloween we were invited to a Halloween party hosted by the foreign teachers. Schäfer also did a little trick-or-treating at the foreign teachers houses before the party where he scored quite a few oranges.

Last year, we were in the states and had been driving all day from Atlanta? maybe?? so we trick or treated my relatives house just across the pasture. I wanted to take Schäfer to a Fall Festival, but Halloween fell on a Friday last year so our small town had all their festivities on Wednesday night so that everyone could go to the hometown football game on Friday night.

This year, I was thinking of coming up with something fun that would involve costumes.  Maybe we’ll have a big cookie decorating party?

:: Kelly shared a Taylor Swift song on her blog today. Kelly promised the song would make me cry so I actually watched the video. (Given our internet speed, this was a rare commitment on my part.) Oh my word. Who is this Taylor Swift? I love her voice.

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  • Nichole Grice Rush

    What would be my prize? I don't really want that much anymore. I don't mean to sound ascetic–I just don't enjoy the process of continually sorting, throwing away, making space for things. If anything, I think I'd choose a house helper or someone to come do my spring cleaning for me and clean the house from top to bottom. And is there a specific reason you feel this "small family" season is coming to an end? Did you get news?

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