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22 months down.


Today marks month 22 in waiting for this adoption to take place.

We have 13 days until we must start the paperwork to transfer to another agency.

Please continue to ask that we receive our Miracle Match this week!

Previously I wrote by December 1, but in reality, we need to be matched within

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Let’s Play at the Children’s Park


One evening last week, Zhang and I found ourselves sitting at the playground while the kids ran around. Watching Yu and Schäfer play together reminded me of our Lotus Pond Gang days. I turned to Zhang and said, “I miss our little babies. I miss the Lotus Pond. We sat there for hours each

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Amidst Fields of Oranges

I woke up, looked out the window, and saw blue skies crowning the dawn of a new day.

It is a good day to ride.

On this day, I found myself riding with my buddies through fields of oranges. Billions of ripe tangerines to be precise. At every place we stopped to rest, I had

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Nanchang University


Four score and seven years ago (give or take a few), I taught English in a very sleepy Nanchang. This was before McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns and Walmart. In fact, the only western restaurant was “Happy Tom’s” which opened and closed in the same year.

So, our trip to Nanchang included a

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Paperwork and Play


Excluding the mysterious mosquito bites, I’d say Nanchang has been good to Schäfer.

On Monday morning, we arrived at the bustling Jiangxi Center for Adoption Affairs. A group from Spain and France were completing their next batch of paperwork.

Schäfer passed the time with a terrifying episode of Thomas the Train.

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Hello Sterling!


After our friends received the shocking news of their precious match with a little boy, they invited us be there for Gotcha Day. It was an overwhelming request. At first, I felt like we’d be invading a very private family moment, but then I learned that they wanted me to take photos and Hubs

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