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The Crab Dance Competition


At the first parent/teacher conference, Teacher Liu mentioned that there would be a “competition” in October. Last week, Teacher Liu asked me to dress Schäfer in an orange shirt and blue jeans on the 29th. OK!

I went home and checked out his clothes to find 2 orange shirts and 2 blue jeans options. We were all set. In my mind, the “competition” was going to be some small games such as a sack race or a ring toss amongst his other classmates.

I was completely wrong.

On the morning of the competition, we were told to be at the parking lot by the athletic center by 9:30am. Nothing could have prepared us for what we were about to experience: The Crab Dance Competition.

Here’s my little crab sitting so patiently. Hmmm… what happened to those blue pants I put him in? Apparently while Schäfer was in the bathroom, he had a bit of an adventure so the pants were not clean.

Note to self: If you don’t want your kid to stand out (like mine has a choice) then you should definitely make sure the spare change of clothes also fit the dress code for the competition. Oh well. The red pants definitely add to the crab theme.

In true Chinese style, the competition began with many welcoming speeches. I felt very welcomed.

After a while, Schäfer felt like he didn’t want to wear his crab hat and he was done with sitting.

Yu Jie Jie is psyching up for the event.

Xin Yi and Schäfer were born just six days apart. Her Mom was my first Chinese language teacher.

The Crab Dance. Schäfer was pretty good at the marching part.

After completing his obligatory Crab Dance, Schäfer only wanted his Papa.

He pretty much stayed like this as we watched the other classes compete.

Le Le is in the four-year-old class.

Lots of proud parents were capturing the moment.

Of course, the judges scores were tallied and a winner was decided.

1st place: DaBan (five-year-olds)
2nd place: ZhongBan (four-year-olds)
3rd place: XiaoBan (three-year-olds)
4th place: YingtaoBan and XinXinBan (2.5-year-olds and the “VIP” class -their parents pay more for some kindergarten perks such as an English lesson and smaller class size.)
5th place: BaoBaoBan (two-year-olds)

After the competition, Schäfer walked back to school with some big boys from the five-year-old class. Once we grabbed his backpack, he was ready to come home. Busting out The Crab Dance was enough for one day.

First School Performance from on Vimeo.

2 comments to The Crab Dance Competition

  • Wow–this post was one of the highlights of my week! LOVE the video! And how fun are those crab hats!?

  • patti

    hey…never heard of the crab dance. that’s a memory for first school performance. He looks so cute in that crab hat. I’m trying to catch up on my blog reading…feeling so behind since baby p. I love that S loves to wear his lion costume so precious!! Looks like october was a good month…good times and good memories!

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