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Black Friday 2009


The day began with a long phone call to my sister. Hubs also called his entire family while I baked pumpkin loafs. He caught everyone just after eating before the Tryptophan kicked in.

I made a double batch of batter because my pumpkin loaf recipe claims to taste better after being in the freezer.

I steamed the pumpkin in the rice cooker just like long ago when I made baby food. Put about a half inch of water in the bottom of the rice cooker, place the pumpkin in the steam basket and turn it on soup mode. A cheese cloth isn’t necessary, but it helps to keep the steamed veggie in the basket.

By the time Schäfer got home from preschool, I called my family and placed a little Black Friday order with the Nanamaw. Walmart has a $15 four-layer winter coat and some $7 winter boots that would work well for Schäfer next December. (Update: the Walmart in my hometown did not carry the coat or boats even though they were in the sale paper.)

After nap time, Schäfer woke up with a fever. He asked if he could watch some Thomas on the TV. Considering that his fever was back and he hasn’t eaten much all day, I agreed. It felt like such a big event to sit together and watch Thomas on the TV.

After Thomas, Schäfer asked if he could play with marbles. He wanted us to roll them back and forth to each other. He kept showing me, “Like this! Like this!” One time I did it the “wrong way” and he said, “You need to obey me or you will get a time out!”  Oh my.

Schäfer puts a ball on his nose “just like MiMi the seal!”

That evening, we pulled out The Christmas Box and Schäfer had fun digging through all the Christmas decorations. Since we live in 1200 square feet with no garage or attic, I absolutely must limit our Christmas Cheer to one box.

Tonight, I started minimizing the decorations we have. Between ornaments we’ve gathered and ornaments that were given to us last Christmas when we were in the states, I need to simplify.

Schäfer’s loved playing with his Thomas the Train ornament that Aunt Gloria and Uncle Chris gave him last Christmas.

“Choo! Choo!”

During our night time routine, Schäfer threw up. I realized that he didn’t eat much breakfast, lunch or supper today. Plus, he has a fever. It’s hard to believe Schäfer’s sick because he’s been his usual upbeat self.

That was our Black Friday. No 4:30am deals. No lines.

Great phone conversations. Yummy pumpkin bread. And lots of fun digging through The Christmas Box.

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