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Happy Thanksgiving 2009

Happy Thanksgiving 2009

The day began in the kitchen. From 8am until 1pm I do not recall sitting down.

Schäfer wanted to go to preschool this morning. He likes to sing songs and play so I let him. This also gave me 3 uninterrupted hours of cooking.

When Schäfer came home, he helped with the pie crust.

Schäfer also helped crush all the walnuts. Since we can’t get pecans, I use walnuts on top of the sweet potato casserole and pumpkin pie. I’m not a big fan of nuts mixed with food (it’s a texture issue), but Hubs said the walnuts work just fine.

We prepared:
sweet potato casserole
pumpkin curry soup
pumpkin pie
apple pie (requested by local friend)
canned cranberry sauce (could not find fresh.)
rice (our local friends need rice to feel like they have truly eaten a meal)

Our Chinese friends also brought a couple of dishes to add to the feast.

This year, we hosted a dinner party for 8 guests. In true American fashion, we had entirely too much food and should have invited 28 people. There are many more people who were on my heart that I wanted to invite, but I was so nervous about not having enough food for everyone.

Normally, Hubs tells the Thanksgiving story, but this year we started the evening out with a Thanksgiving play which did a great job explaining the reason we have Thanksgiving.

While Hubs serves the pie, allow us to GIVE THANKS:

:: For the incredibly difficult last six months. We find ourselves in the thick of it right now. It’s not one thing, but many things all pressing hard against us.

:: To the One who has unabashedly poured his faithful words over us just when we thought we couldn’t take any more – yet more kept coming. His grace and strength has sustained us. And so today we can smile even though problems abound.

:: For our health. This season has me thinking about foreign teacher Beth who always made a “turkey trip” to Wuhan so that her students could taste some turkey. She had such a festive energy when it came to any holiday. This year, she’s in the states fighting a battle with cancer. I miss her greatly.

:: Our marriage is rare and a gift. Hubs you are completely my best friend. Thank you for always being available when I need to “call for a consult”.

:: Schäfer is the most incredible little boy. We give thanks for his life, his health, his sensitive spirit and the way he’s made us soak in the sights all around.

:: Though we do feel the void of our adoption still lingering, today we gave thanks for our “little family years” where it’s been just the three of us zipping around.

:: For our friends and family near and far who love us without condition.

:: For the 5 years we have been blessed to live here.

:: We are especially thankful for those of you who have stayed in touch – even though we’ve been gone for so long.

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