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Indoor Weekend

11.28 – 11.29

It seems that the fever which came and went for the past six days is finally gone. Thankfully, Schäfer was fever free all weekend.

On Saturday morning, I asked Schäfer if he wanted to go to Jump Zone with Yu and Zi Hai. He replied, “I just want to stay home.”

Who is this child?

I agreed we could stay home because I was nervous his fever was about to return.

Really, he just wanted to drink apple tea – in a mug! (first time)

More please.

Then, he wanted to get back to discovering The Christmas Box.

He found lights!

Then, he got in a boat and used Raffe for a fishing rod.

We made a road and he raced various forms of transportation around.

We set up the train tracks.

Schäfer added lights to the bridge.

The bridge was beyond festive.

On Sunday morning, we sang Christmas carols – including Jingle Bells at Schäfer’s request. That afternoon, I offered to take Schäfer to the Children’s Park, but again he asked “to stay home”. He did agree to play at Yuan Ye’s house just a couple of floors down. We haven’t seen Ye for quite a few days.  Apparently, he has also been having a fever on and off for six days.  His Mom is going to take Ye to the hospital tomorrow for an IV.

Schäfer loved playing with the two new Lego trucks that Ye’s Dad bought off The pieces were so small and Schäfer kept taking the truck apart. Ye’s Dad said it took hours to put together.  Note to self: No Lego trucks with little pieces until Schäfer starts college.

2 comments to Indoor Weekend

  • Hey Sandra!
    I have to tell ya about those dresses. We were not going to go to this silly tea party b/c the girls there where these crazy expensive dresses…I was walking through walmart thanksgiving night with my mom and that woman can wave her magic wand in any store and find what she’s looking for. Do you know those dresses were at walmart for $16.50! I got the dress I wore there too for $15 so we went to that fancy tea party for $45! He he …. Hope ya’ll have a good day. I love looking at all the pics of your sweet boy!

  • Kelly

    He is so cute! That looks like a fun set up for him!

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