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Care Package to Little Sister

On Saturday morning (Jan 9th) Hubs woke me up with the best idea ever: we’ve got to send Mei Mei a care package! Well, of course we do! I can’t believe that we didn’t think of this before.

We’ve had friends in the states use services (like this or this) to send care packages to their child, but we figured since we live here then we can probably send something directly.

First, we called our Adoption Guide and she agreed that we could send the package directly. Just to be sure, she called the orphanage director and he agreed. Once everyone was in agreement, we made a list of everything we wanted to send. Even though she would only have these items for about 2 weeks, we hoped to ease this huge transition in her life (moving from foster care to her forever family).

After 48 hours and a bit of running around town (the photo shop, the office supply store, camera shop, another camera shop, post office, photo shop, grocery store, Wal-mart, another grocery store) we had everything we needed.

Let’s take a look!

Items for the Crib
This quilt was made by a quilting circle in Crowley, TX. They had made several for an orphanage and one of them was given to us in July of 2007 when we were still in the midst of the paper chase.  It doesn’t matter if we get this back or if it stays at the orphanage or foster care home.

Just beautiful.

Aunt Gloria sent this photo mount which ties to the crib when Schäfer was little so that he could see photos of his family in America. We thought it would be a perfect way for Mei Mei to become familiar with our faces.

2010-01-10@13-53-34 2010-01-10@13-53-42
The entire photo collage.

Since this item is pretty unique, we included a hand written note (by a friend) explaining that this ties inside the crib, etc.

We sent 3 bags of Enfamil formula and a box of rice cereal. We’d like her Foster Nai Nai to go ahead and start transitioning her to this high quality formula and rice cereal.

When our package was received, the orphanage director called our Adoption Guide to make sure that we all agreed that Foster Nai Nai would slowly transition her to this nutrient rich (melamine free) formula.

The orphanage director also gave us the name of the Nestle formula she is currently drinking so that if she’s not 100% transitioned by Adoption Day then we could continue the transition without upsetting her stomach. His call expressing concern over her health made this Mommy’s heart melt.

Our hope is that if she is already familiar to the taste of the formula then that would be one less transition.

We got her this watermelon soother because her paperwork said that she liked the color red. As of our latest report mid-January, she doesn’t have any teeth so this might be handy to have around.

2010-01-10@14-13-39 2010-01-10@13-55-09
2010-01-10@14-06-55 2010-01-10@14-08-36
a duck from Nanamaw  • a soft towel • 10 books • a security blanket from Patti

Introducing our Faces and Voices
This was the most exciting part of the care package: we all recorded our voices (speaking English and Chinese) so that Mei Mei can become familiar to our voices. We all said special words to her. I cried. Schäfer was a little confused that we were “talking to Mei Mei” since she wasn’t in the room or on the phone. We ended up asking him questions so that she could hear his voice.

We also read books.
Hubs read:
Guess How Much I Love You
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

I read:
Hush Little Baby
I Love You As Much…

We sang her our Goodnight Moon song and added some Praise Baby to fill the rest of the tape.

Hubs used the “Garage Band” software on our Mac to mix the blank tape. (ha!) I can’t remember the last time I made a mix tape.

We sent this portable tape player and asked Foster Nai Nai to play our tape at least once per day.

2010-01-11@11-14-10 2010-01-11@11-10-53
I also made a photo album showing everyday photos. My hope is that this album will connect not only with our daughter but also with the orphanage director and the foster Nai Nai. We want them to know that our daughter will be in a very loving family.

Each person had their own section:



Gathering Precious Details
In addition to sharing our story, we are trying very gently to gather any details regarding our daughter’s past.

We wrote the orphanage director a letter to introduce our family and to thank him for taking this care package to our daughter’s foster Nai Nai. Enclosed in the letter was an additional page with 6 questions and a self addressed stamped envelope. The director or someone at the orphanage may take time to answer our questions (if there are answers) or they may not.  We had to try.

We also included a journal full of 20+ questions for the foster Nai Nai. Out of respect for how these things generally work, we purposefully did not give her our English names or telephone number. We also didn’t ask foster Nai Nai for her name or number. It will be up to the orphanage director to decide if we are able to meet our daughter’s Foster Nai nai.

The purpose of this journal was to gather any bits of information on her first 7 months of life.

We sent a camera so that the foster Nai Nai could take photos of our daughter in her foster home. Of course, we hope that the foster Nai Nai will take photos of herself with Mei Mei as she is a part of Mei Mei’s story.

We also included a bag and requested that the foster Nai Nai put the used film, journal and any items that Mei Mei has attached to inside. The bag can be returned to us on January 24th at 4pm.

We realize that we may never see any of this again and that’s OK (it’s just stuff), but we wanted to try to get some precious information so that when our daughter grows up we can hopefully have a few details about her first 7 months of life.

Saying Thanks
We wrote the foster Nai Nai a letter introducing our family and explaining the items in the box.

2010-01-10@14-26-01 2010-01-10@14-21-50
We sent a local tea, a variety of nuts and warm house slippers for winter. (I realize the slippers are an odd gift since we don’t know Nai Nai’s exact shoe size, but they were just too warm and comfortable to pass by.)

We know that the package was received. Who knows? Our sweet daughter could be looking at our faces right now.

12 comments to Care Package to Little Sister

  • Marianne De Bos Pitchford

    So cool! This was so special when we did it! We did get our photos back. I think the foster cams are such a blessing. Counting the days with you!!! 5 days. Woohoo!!!

  • Natalie Startt Moerer

    That is so exciting. I can't wait to see the photos and hear the reports of when you pick up your precious little girl. God is so good!

  • What a special care package! I can’t wait to send some pink her way, too!!! I love the pictures you sent!

    This must be such an exciting week for you guys. Thinking of you!!! Do you remember my Flippin friends, The Shavers (in Peru for years)? They always ask about you, and tell me that they are “thinking” of you too. I told them the wonderful news about your daughter when I saw them on Sunday, and they were very excited. They made a note of the date (that you will meet her!) on their bulletin. 🙂

  • How special and thoughtful. I love the photo mount. I’ll be praying for you guys during this time and for that sweet baby girl!

  • sherry

    Amazing! Your package was so sweet and thoughtful of your daughter and her Nai Nai! We are just burning with excitement over here! We can’t wait to see her! At our small group tonight, we saw the pictures of our friend’s new adopted baby girl, they’re kinda still waiting because the paperwork is not final. They have been waiting 4 years. She was born premature and is 3#9ozs so they have been sitting beside her at the hospital for the last 2 days and mom is driving 5 hrs back tommorrow to stay until Baby Jessica is released, probably mid-February. Sooo these weeks have had you and them on our hearts continually! We love you!

  • Katie

    What an amazing idea! Can’t wait to see the post of you holding your sweet little girl! Her foster Nai Nai and the director are sure to know how much you love her already.

  • pod fan

    LOVE IT! What thoughtfulness! What love! What care! What great ideas! What a blessed little girl to be chosen for your family! I hope she’s hearing your unfamiliar babbling voices reading to her right now – and that little nainai will answer all your questions!

    Sandra – my heart is bursting with joy for your meeting in just a few days! AAAAHHH!

  • Rachel W

    I was so touched by your thoughtfulness in putting this package together…can’t believe you will be meeting your daughter in only four days!!!! We are just thrilled for you all and so thankful for your amazing, sweet daughter. You’ll be in my prayers in the next few days. So glad she’s already getting to hear your voices and see your faces! So exciting and heart-warming.

    Counting down with you to the 24th,

  • Wendy

    I am obsessed with your site! I'm so glad that you update so frequently. I'm so excited about the baby! Just a couple more days!!!!

  • Brigitte

    Wow guys, what an amazing care package! Looks like you thought of everything. What a smart way to start the transition process for her. I can’t wait until Sunday!!!!

  • Kimberly

    What a special care package, absolutely lovely. Amazing – the big day is finally here!! All praise to the giver of life… Thinking of you guys lots.

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