Celebrating one week together!

Sianna woke up very hungry at 6:30am. Then, she took at cat nap from 7:15am -8am. Nice.

We were out the door by 9:15am. We had a lunch date at the yummy La Dolce Vita on ShaMian Island. (We agreed on the location before we moved hotels.)

Sianna’s not such a big fan of the subway. I think the entire under ground-zooming-ness of it all does not suit well with her.

Once we got to the island, Sianna nestled in the sling while Schäfer played on the playground. Yes, it feels so great to have a sweet baby in our red sling again. We got the sling out today because Schäfer wanted to ride on Hubs in the Ergo. The Ergo holds up to 40lbs. and it’s especially handy when Schäfer gets tired.

Sianna was suppose to eat at 10am, but since we were on our way to the restaurant, I assumed she’d manage until we sat down. She did not manage. In fact, this upset her like we’ve never seen before.

So there we were in Guangzhou’s finest La Dolce Vita with a toddler roaming around the restaurant and a baby screaming her head off. Nothing would console her! She did not want a bottle. She did not want baby food. Do you know what finally settled her? Running water in the bathroom.

We are THAT family.

Don’t you know that while Hubs was enjoying his long anticipated 4 cheese gnocchi [Hubs: Before you get any wrong ideas, I did offer to help Sandra several times.], I was hanging out in the bathroom running water.

Schäfer loves pizza!

About an hour later, Sianna settled down and went to sleep. Bless her heart.

Our friends that we had lunch with were so sweet. Apparently, their little girl had colic so a little screaming didn’t phase them at all… so they said.

Sianna slept the entire subway ride home. When she woke up, she was her happy, smiley self. She enjoyed the baby food and the formula as if the 11am episode never happened. (On a Mommy note: she did have some interesting diapers this afternoon so I wonder if she was expressing her tummy troubles earlier in the day.)

Schäfer has been pushing boundaries, but he’s also doing his best to live in a hotel room on no schedule zipping from place to place each day. Today, Hubs awarded him with a silver Percy.

For supper (yes, I can not wait to get home so we won’t have to scavenge for every meal!), we walked to a local mall. This is Sianna’s and my first “self-snapshot”. (I’m holding the camera out.)

We had supper at Ajisen Ramen which we LOVE. It’s a type of fast food place with sit down dining specializing in Japanese ramen noodle soup dishes. When we go, I generally say, ” Udon noodles, please.” Ajisen has 362 locations in China – 86 of which are in Shanghai!

Yes, Percy came with us for noodles.


Sianna’s not much into loud, crowded, overstimulating shopping malls.

This evening, we had such a great holding time. Ever since day 1, we’ve had great eye contact with her, but tonight, I literally felt her entire body relax. She kept looking at me – even when I looked away to answer Schäfer’s question, etc. She reached up to touch my face.

Sianna girl, I can’t believe we’ve only known each other for 7 days.

After trying to give Sianna two baths in a small pan, we decided that I should just get in the water with her. The two previous baths were so quick that Sianna actually did not have a chance to get clean. So tonight, this precious girl got a scrub down. Meanwhile, I got my neck and arms pinched. She eventually got use to the water. There was some crying, but absolutely nothing like before. We’ll take any kind of progress we can get!

All day long we have been celebrating the fact that just a week ago today, we held Sianna for the first time! Remember 4pm on January 24th?

Sianna is a beautiful baby!
She is gentle and she likes to be handled very gently when changing her clothing or diaper.
She laughs with a big toothless smile.
She crinkle’s the left side of her nose when she thinks something is funny.
She is quiet, laid back and very calm. (so far)
She holds her hands in tight fists and curls her legs in when she is upset.
She whines in the softest, sweetest little whimper I’ve ever heard.
She is wanted and loved.

12 thoughts on “Celebrating one week together!”

  1. I am so happy to here Miss Sianna is finally starting to ‘relax’ (if you want to say that) and trust you more and more every day… don’t worry… I am living through you and learning more of what I am due to go through… I will remember about the running water thing as a last resort – as long as it doesn’t make me pee :)
    Nice to see Jen in your previous post… still can’t get over that the two of you were there together…
    Take care and enjoy the romantic bathroom lol…

  2. Ok, I think I've said this a million times already, but she is so precious and I am so happy for you! And blessed to be able to share in your joy a world away. God bless!!Oh, and Schafer and my Joshua would SO have fun playing trains together…. 😉

  3. How good God is! What a beautiful family; I especially like the picture of you and she looking at each other. Much like we look to God for love, I see her looking into the eyes of the mommy that we lead her to know her Lord and Savior. thank you for your love to your family. Barbara

  4. We are SO happy for you, and CELEBRATING with you, from Oregon!!!!! Both your words and pictures are beautiful, and funny, and simply perfect.

    Much love,

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