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Gift Giving during Adoption

We were advised to prepare one gift for the orphanage director and 6-8 small gifts to give to assistants and new friends along the way. We decided to give gifts the Chinese way: local food.

For the orphanage representative we gave: QingJiang fish, TuJia snacks, SanXia tea, Shenong honey – all famous products from Hubei held together in a bright red bag that says “blessing” on the front.

On Forever Family Day, when Sianna was in our arms for the first time, Hubs wanted to hand the gift to the Wang Jian whom we had been working with to make all the arrangements for our meeting.  Thankfully, our guide directed Hubs to give the gift to Mr. Zhou who apparently outranks Wang Jian. We ended up giving Wang Jian a smaller gift.

For our 6-8 small gifts, we gave this delicious bag of tea grown in our area. The tea leaves are long, rounded and beautifully white tipped.

To make the gift more personal, we added our family photo and a thank you card which included our personal story of why we are adopting (in Chinese) to each bag.

3 comments to Gift Giving during Adoption

  • Berry Family

    Continuing to love following your journey! Love those smiles from your sweet girl. Tell Schaefer not to worry…lots of DVDs available in GZ!!! Hugs, and more hugs, KB

  • Hello:

    Thanks for all of your postings, and we are so glad both of your children are doing so well. We love the photos and hearing all of your tales.

    Dennis and I went to Little Rock Saturday and came back Sunday. We haven’t been away since last summer so 7it was great to get out of town. We stayed at the Marriot on the Riverfront which is right on the Downtown River Market. Fortunately, we got there early enought to walked thru some art galleries and take in the scenery before diner. I love sushi so we had an appetizer at Wausbi, and then ate at the Flying Fish. It has the best shrimp I’ve ever eaten. Next time you come back to Monticello maybe we would take the kids to Little Rock on some outings. When will you be home again?
    I’ve looked for a baby gift for Sianna. Can I send a package or should I send money? Sounds like you could use clothes size 6 to 12 months. Would you like winter clothes or things for Spring? I’m not sure how long it will take a package to reach you, so you can let me know.

    Take care of yourselves and the babies.

    All our love,
    Aunt Joy and Uncle Dennis

    • I’ve heard that Downtown River Market is so nice! I’m so glad you and Uncle Dennis took some time to get away together. Every marriage needs that weekend refresher! Not sure when we will be home again… we’re talking through that right now, but I will definitely let you know when we have dates finalized. Right now we’re pretty good on clothing for Sianna. If I can think of something we need, I’ll let you know! Hugs & Love!

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