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Guangzhou Hotels: Yes. That would be the plural.

Originally, we stayed at the “Guangzhou Youth Hostel” 180rmb/night ($26.37). The room was very clean.

Hubs and I now “synchronize sleep” in a small bed so Schäfer can have his own bed.

The shower and toilet shared a tight space.

2010-01-28@22-03-16Schäfer wanted to sleep in this “boat”. Once we put a thick blanket down, it was actually pretty comfortable. The space was just long enough for him.

Sianna had her photo collage to make her feel at home wherever we are.

Since Guangzhou will host the 16th annual Asia Games in November, the entire island is under renovation . There is dust everywhere!

Our hotel was also being renovated. The drilling schedule was:
8am – 12:30pm
2:00pm – 8pm
Schäfer nor Sianna could get their naps out!

When our reservation was made, there was no mention of the renovation.

We looked into the White Swan (after all, they do have Going Home Barbie as an amenity), but their lowest rate was 710rmb/night ($104).

Ultimately, I didn’t like what any of us were breathing and Schäfer started coughing so we left the island.

Of course, we moved to the trusty Home Inn. We were at the Gangding location which is right on the subway line so going anywhere in the city was convenient. Additionally, the U.S. Consulate was within walking distance or a bus ride away.

Home Inn is so consistently clean!

Basic, but functional.

Trust me, the last thing I want to do is boil water in a kettle when Sianna is suddenly hungry. Clean, hot water is always ready at Home Inn!

The “Ikea” yellow shower makes me want to redecorate.

Yeah for no drilling during nap time!
Yeah for fresh air!

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