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Guangzhou: Medical & Passport Photo Day

We were up at 8am and doing our best to get out of the hotel because the drilling sound was scaring Sianna. Unfortunately, our hotel forgot to mention that they were completely remodeling. Actually, they forgot to mention that the entire island was remodeling in honor of Guangzhou hosting the 16th annual Asian Games in November.

Today, we had two tasks to complete: passport photos and a medical exam. First stop was to take passport photos on ShaMian Island just around the corner from our hotel.

I love technology. They gave us a copy of the photo on our jump drive in case we need to print any more copies for her US passport later on.

Schäfer enjoyed a cinnamon roll from Starbucks for breakfast.

After we had Sianna’s passport photos, we trekked through heaps of construction  over to the hospital to do our medical exam for the IR3 Immigration Visa we need to put in her Chinese passport.


Sianna didn’t want to lay down on the scale. Check out that crunch!

We were very disappointed at the quality of this check-up. We paid 500rmb ($73) and found out later that we could have gone to another hospital off the island for cheaper.

To be honest, Schäfer’s 6 month, 9 month, etc. well baby check-ups at our local hospital in Yichang were way more detailed and they cost 35rmb ($5.13).

Today, Sianna’s health check had no blood work, no temperature check, no review of her immunizations, no review of the little medical history we have, nobody asked us what concerns we have, no discussion of her developmental skills, etc. We were in and out in 10 minutes – for 500rmb! I literally couldn’t believe we were finished.

After this appointment, Hubs called Schäfer’s pediatrician in Hong Kong and booked an appointment for a full check-up. The office knew exactly what we needed so they reserved an extended time with the doctor for Sianna. We also e-mailed our pediatrician a list of recommended evaluations for an adoptee.

Now, lets go have some fun at the park.

After we had Mei Mei in our arms, Schäfer was begging to go home. One night, he said, “I don’t want to fly on the airplane. I want to go home!” Bless his heart. When we told him that we were going to Guangzhou, we kept talking about how the park had a see-saw! He was SO excited to play on the see-saw.

I am soaking in these days where a cinnamon roll + a see-saw = bliss.

We ate lunch at a local dive off the island.

Naptime today:
12:15 Sianna sleeps
12:30 Schäfer sleeps
1:00 Sianna wakes
2:00 drilling starts
3:00 Schäfer wakes

This afternoon we went to a friend’s house for a little play date. We had a great time talking with our friends and the kids had a great time dumping a large basket of toys, pulling books off the shelf and eating snacks, snacks, and more snacks!

Our friends have a little guy who is 5 months old and it was sobering to see how much more developed he was while interacting with toys.

That evening, we ate Subway sandwiches for supper. Meanwhile, Sianna ate an entire jar of meat and veggie baby food – her favorite by far!

Our friends loaned us this Bumbo. I’ve never seen one before, but it’s made meal times SO easy! Sianna and I are able to have great eye connection and she has to work to keep her head up. She also can’t sit yet so the Bumbo is awesome!

We tried our second bath this evening and it was just as traumatic as the first. “The smell” remains in her hair.

Once the kids were down, Hubs and I had a long discussion about why we were staying on ShaMian Island. We originally wanted to stay here because the island is quiet and everything is within walking distance: Starbucks, Subway, shopping, etc. The consulate is only 20 minutes away by subway.

Little did we know, the entire island is under construction and there is an enormous amount of dust in the air. Worst than the dust is the remodeling noise in our hotel. The drilling schedule is 8am – 12:30pm. Then, after a lunch break it resumes from 2pm – 8pm. (Every hotel on the island except the White Swan is being remodeled.)

The drilling above our  room and the dust in the air (probably not so good for our lungs) inspired Hubs to find a new hotel in Guangzhou.

4 comments to Guangzhou: Medical & Passport Photo Day

  • Loved our Bumbo for our 4th adopted child who needed a little extra support and trunk control so he could concentrate on learning and noticing his surroundings. So much to think about all at once.

    Congratulations on Sianna. And thank you for sharing your journey. After the adoption blessing, we especially enjoy the cultural aspects of your experiences. China from an American perspective, very cool.

  • Sandra,
    Sianna is beautiful. Congratulations! So happy for you and your family.

  • sherry

    We loved the bumbo with Asia. They didn’t exist with the boys, but it really helped with her!

  • jdavis2

    sorry your guangzhou trip hasn’t been all you anticipated. but so very grateful you guys know the language and how to get around… and get things done on your own! hoping these next weeks of transition are encouraging and that very soon you’ll be able to relax as a family of 4. sending love to you all…

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