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Her name

When it came to naming Sianna, we had a difficult time.

Well, I should say that when it comes to naming any baby Hubs and I have a difficult time.

I wanted to leave the letter “s”. Hubs wanted to keep going with the “s” theme.

Names Hubs liked:
Sia, Sianna/Siana, Sianne, Saphir, Alia, Aria, Camelia, Eily, Eja (Asia), Gabrielle, Gabria, Giselle, Gisella, Giada, Galilee, Gilana, Giana, Genessee, Gemma/Gema, Kaiyah, Maia, Meika, Chessed/Kessed, Oia/Oiea/Ia (ee-ah), Tallia, Tinea, Hebhzibah, Elinoam, Elinoa

Names I liked:

Lillian, Lily Kate, Lily Beth, Mabel, Darcy, Anna, Mercee, Etta, Maggie, Ruby, Leah, Libby, Piper, Millie, Meadow, Lillie, Lillias, Sadie, Sky

Ultimately, Hubs favorite name was Sia.

My favorite name was Millie. (She just looked like such a Millie!)

I was so stressed out. I cried. Hubs rebuked me.

Meanwhile, our adoption agency was sending us emails in all capitals with red lettering. They needed to know this precious baby girls name… NOW so they could get the rest of the paperwork in motion.

Then I remembered that God changes names and he changes people’s destiny.

Abram – Abraham
Sarai – Sarah
Jacob – Israel
Simon – Peter
Saul – Paul

We eventually decided on a name. If God wants to change it – he will.

Name poll
We brainstormed Sianna’s Chinese name during an outing with friends. We easily agreed on her Chinese name.

But the English one… it was TOUGH.

Sianna (sea-ah-nuh) means “God’s Grace”
Tianyue (tea-en-yoo-eh) is Chinese for “Delight of Heaven”

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