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Home Inn: Nanchang… familiar is good

Familiarity is good.

For this reason, we rather like the Home Inn hotel chain.

In fact, we’re card carrying members.

Truth be known, we’ve reached Gold Card status.

When we needed to book a hotel for the adoption, we naturally chose Home Inn. It’s only a 2 star hotel in China (think staying at the

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Day Four: 5 Big Changes

Wednesday 1.27.10

On this cold, windy, rainy Wednesday, we decided to go to the bookstore down the street in search of small gifts for friends. Unfortunately, we didn’t find the perfect gift, but Schäfer did.

Hubs decided that since Schäfer has been doing pretty good for a little boy being away from home for so

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Day 3 of Forever

Tuesday 1.26.10

This morning, Hubs and our Adoption Guide negotiated a visit to meet the foster Nai Nai.

At first, this wasn’t going to be possible.

Then, a fee was set.

We agreed to the fee. (We normally don’t agree to these fees, but it was so important to us to meet the Foster Nai

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Her name

When it came to naming Sianna, we had a difficult time.

Well, I should say that when it comes to naming any baby Hubs and I have a difficult time.

I wanted to leave the letter “s”. Hubs wanted to keep going with the “s” theme.

Names Hubs liked: Sia, Sianna/Siana, Sianne,

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Paperwork Run Around *updated*

Hubs posted this one night when I fell asleep at 9pm while trying to get Schäfer settled. I’ve added lots of additional photos and many details from our first day together. If anything, you must scroll down to see the “strawberry hat photo” of a very sleepy Sianna – one of my favorites.

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Forever Family Day

Now for the rest of the story…

We slept in.

Around 7:52am Schäfer woke up and thus we woke up. By 9am we were out the door going for a Walmart supply run. It was time for nappies and formula to make their way into our budget again.

We met up our with our Adoption

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