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Saturday: Free Day

Since today is Saturday, we have no official adoption business to complete. Our next appointment is at the U.S. Consulate on Monday.

On this lovely Saturday morning, we loaded up a taxi and changed hotels. Once we were all settled in, I got to work on getting Sianna down for sleep. During this adoption adventure, I’m not even worried about figuring out her schedule. I usually just watch for signs: a yawn or gnawing on fingers and then I move into our sleep routine.

Sianna’s soothing mechanism of choice is licking. She doesn’t suck. She’s completely rejected a passie. When she’s in a crib, if she can’t find a blanket to lick, she’ll lick the sleeve on her shirt. If her shirt is short sleeve, she’ll pull up some fabric from her chest.

If she’s in my arms, then she’ll lick my shirt, the Ergo, my skin, etc. She’s not picky.

The girl has an entire soothing system. Why change what works?

In order to signal nap time, I wrap her in a blanket and make sure there’s plenty of fabric to lick in a variety of spots. Then, I walk around the room or bounce her in one spot. Oh, how we are gonna put some miles on the rocker!

The new normal.

This evening, we headed back to ShaMian Island for supper with our new friends whose daughters were under the same orphanage care as Sianna. We all met for the first time on Forever Family Day. It took us 45 minutes to get from our hotel to ShaMian Island. Thank goodness for the convenient subway!

Sandra, Sianna, Krista, Alden, Jennifer, Hannah
Alden and Hannah are one month older than Sianna.

Aside from our daughters all being from the same orphanage, none of these little girls like baths! It was such a fun evening to enjoy a meal at Lucy’s and to see how each of the girls were responding to their new environment.

On the way back to Home Inn, Schäfer worked on his gymnastic skills.

Once at the hotel, Schäfer insisted that Sianna’s shoes also go by the door.

On this adoption adventure, Hubs and I have spent many a romantic evening in our Ikea bathroom. Just keeping it real! Schäfer must have complete darkness in order to sleep. If Hubs and I are quietly shuffling about the room, he can not enter dreamland. Hotel Life is not for the weary!

Final thoughts from today:

  • carrying 17 pounds is so easy when you’re use to carrying 30.
  • Hubs and I have such a good, familiar rhythm for formula, disenfecting bottles, diapers, etc.
  • Schäfer can sleep through his Sister’s cries.
  • Sianna can sleep through her brother’s play.
  • I found one long hair on Sianna so I imagine she’s had 3-4 haircuts.
  • Schäfer gave Mei Mei kisses all day long. He likes to lay beside her so they can wiggle together.
  • Sianna laughed out loud today while laying on the bed.
  • We had such a great day for eye contact.
  • naptime was 1-3 Schäfer and 12:30 – 1:45 Sianna. Then, Sianna rested in Mommy’s arms from 1:45 – 2:45.
  • Love my Hubs.
  • Love these kids. Love using the plural.

17 comments to Saturday: Free Day

  • Erika Nall

    I love reading about your New Normal, and how much you are enjoying it.

  • Out of all these wonderful pictures, the thing that really made me laugh was the last one of you and Shorel in the bathroom. Aaron and I totally feel your pain!! Staying in a one room hotel with little ones is often quite complicated, especially if keeping a schedule is important to you (which I’m annal about). That pictures is priceless!! 🙂 Hope you are having a blast with your kids! (plural)

  • I LOVE the new normal! It looks so good on you! 😉 And I LOVE that you and Krista have the same exact Ergo… I’m planning to get one when we start a family. They are just that fabulous.

    Can’t get enough of your family. Such an encouragement. Such an inspiration. Love to you all. xxx hugs.

  • I am so enjoying reading about your days following “gotcha day”. It’s such a whirlwind of adjustment, isn’t it? You are wise to go with what works for Sianna. Plenty of time to work on new schedules, patterns and habits…you have a whole wonderful lifetime ahead! :o)


  • Anonymous

    Your blog is awesome!!It’s interesting to see china through a foreigner’s eye.And by the way,have you thought about writing a blog in chinese?I think it’s a good way to improve your chinese.

  • Irene

    i'm SO happy for your family! sianna is beautiful.we can totally relate to the hotel situation…been there many times.

  • Jaime

    You are an amazing mommy! Sianna & Schafer are lucky kiddos…

  • sherry

    I love the picture in the bathroom! We have soooo been there!

  • Amy

    Sandra, you are GLOWING in these pictures and it just melts my heart with joy for your sweet family! I love hearing of stories when families who wait for so so so long finally get the little angels they've prayed for so long and sweet Sianna is going to such a loving home! What a blessing! We'll keep all of you in our prayers! God is SO GOOD! 🙂 Much love to all 4 of you!

  • Heidi

    I am so excited for your family too. Blessings!

  • Berry Family

    Oh Sandra…LOVE the shoe photo!!!! That’s reality setting in. We’ve enjoyed many an hour in hotel bathrooms 🙂 One thing we often do is to request a room with a bathtub now that Tanner is older. We put HIM in the bath tub on a pile of pillows/blanktets with a book or computer or DVD or game system or if needed, to sleep. Fun times being a new family of four. The bliss continues…prepare your heart! Love to you all, KB

  • jdavis2

    enjoying the glimpse at your “new normal.” continuing to rejoice with you! love & (((hugs!)))

  • amyd

    I LOVE these pictures!

  • nanamaw

    I knew you would figure out a system. I’m still learning new systems for grandmaw and this computer. I’m glad Schafer wants to include her in little things like putting the shoes out and tummy time. nanamaw

  • Leigh

    Isn't it funny how just using the plural brings happiness

  • Heather

    Awww. I love the shoe picture. SO great!

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