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So long windy Nanchang. Hello balmy Guangzhou.

Today Sianna:

  • laughed and gave big smiles as she watched Schäfer leap from bed to bed – a little before breakfast entertainment.
  • willingly laughed and played with Hubs. (She’s now willing to let him hold her as long as I’m in the room.)
  • looked at toys for a few minutes while I move around the room.
  • was happy to do exercises: ride the bike, cross crawl the legs and arms, sit ups, etc.
  • did not cry during diaper and clothing changes!
  • laughs out loud when she bounces on my belly.
  • makes small noises in the morning when she wakes up.
  • is overall, pretty quiet.

We spent most of the morning packing. Hubs ended up going to the post office and mailing a box home. While he and Schäfer were out, I got Sianna down for a morning nap so that I could take a shower and pack our bags. I sent Hubs a text saying that she was asleep, but his phone was on silent. So 15 minutes later, Schäfer was banging on the door and talking up a storm as he entered the room. So long nap time.

We checked out of the hotel and walked across the street to take the 10rmb bus to the airport. We bought Sianna’s infant ticket at the airport without problems.

Our 2:45 plane to Guangzhou did not take off until 5:45. Good times. I was really looking forward to the 2:45 flight time so that both kids could get their afternoon nap on the plane, but what can you do when there is no airplane? Schäfer got his fill of free cookies and Thomas the Tank Engine.

Sianna took her afternoon nap in my arms.

Sianna fell asleep on the plane, but the stewardess announcement woke her up. Seriously, do we really need so many announcements: beverage service begins, flying at 80,000 feet, arrival times, gate check, current time at our destination, etc?

After waking up, Sianna screamed the final 20 minutes of the flight (probably because of the pressure change). Nothing would sooth her. She wouldn’t suck anything. I know she wanted me to stand up and “bounce” her, but the “fasten your seat belts” sign was on.

Once in balmy, subtropical Guangzhou, Sianna stayed awake for the entire taxi ride to ShaMian Island. Meanwhile, Schäfer punched buttons on the advertisement interactive tv screen in the back seat.

We’re staying in a hostel just across from the famous White Swan Hotel. Other than the bathroom being a little small, the room is fairly clean and meets our needs just fine.

1 comment to So long windy Nanchang. Hello balmy Guangzhou.

  • jdavis2

    what wonderful news of sianna’s adjustments! and what wonderful pictures! sandra you are looking absolutely radiant as a new-again mommy! we are so happy for you! and so happy you are experiencing the joy of shaman island where german & italian gnocchi await you! sending love & (((hugs))) to you all…

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