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Lantern Festival 2010

02.28.10 Happy Lantern Festival! Today marks the end of the series of celebrations starting from the Chinese New Year. Lantern Festival always falls on the 15th day after CNY. It is also the 1st night to see a full moon.

From a Mommy’s perspective, it ends 2 weeks of firecrackers during nap time.


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Forever Family Day Video

Here’s a video of the first moments we met Sianna. Watching this back was so interesting because I didn’t know:

1. The hotel lobby was noisy. I heard nothing.

2. The director was asking questions about us. I heard nothing.

3. There were four babies in the lobby. One of them was crying. I heard

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New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Here’s a video that Hubs took on midnight Chinese New Year’s Eve. Please note that these fireworks were shot off by families. Unlike most large U.S. firework celebrations, this was not financed by the city in any way. After watching a video like this, you can understand why China is the birthplace of gunpowder!

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Life Indoors


Our life right now is pretty simple. It’s 30 degrees outside and the weatherman keeps saying it’s going to snow. (We’ve yet to see any flakes.)

About half of our friends have traveled outside of the city to be with family. The other half are at home hosting friends and family.

Except for the

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Friends & Fireworks

Everyone enjoys some tummy time.

Schäfer thought James the Red Engine would get Sianna’s attention. I love how he shares his most favorite toys with her: Raffe, Thomas, James, etc.

Schäfer likes to have milk when Sianna does. I think he’s drinking about 1 liter a day.

This photo is to keep

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Egg Yolk Icing

After making Spitzbuben, I had an extra egg yolk sitting around so I thought I’d give egg yolk icing a try.

INGREDIENTS 1 egg yolk 4 drops red food coloring (might try 6 drops next time)

DIRECTIONS In small cup or bowl , stir the egg yolk with a small amount of food coloring.

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