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March Wraps Up with Sibling Rivalry and Plumbing Success

03.30.10 Guess who’s getting curious? Sianna nabs her brother’s seaweed snack. So let the good times begin!

03.31.10 Finding a plumber who would come and rip out a squatting toilet and install a sitting toilet took much more time, energy and money than we expected. First, I should say that we were completely fine with

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First Day of School at Ying Cai Kindergarten

After looking at just two preschools, we made the decision to have Schäfer attend Ying Cai Kindergarten. Schäfer was SO excited to be going to school. He’s understood for a long time that when we move to a new city, then he would attend a new school.

Unfortunately, his backpack is still in

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Kitchen Ordered!

03.26.10 Schäfer has absolutely loved living in all of this renovation because the tools are in easy access.

We moved back into the apartment today – before the paint was even dry! Thank goodness for odorless paint. There was no smell whatsoever in the apartment. After nap time, I tried to keep Schäfer outside so

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Color happens when painting in the Spring

Once we realized the plaster flurries were not going to settle down, we knew we had to paint the walls. At first, I told Hubs just to paint the entire apartment white. After all, it’s not our apartment. We rent.

But then I decided that we should do something we’ve never done in our entire

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And then there was the issue of living in plaster…


Now before I go into further details about what’s wrong with this Brand New Apartment, I want to reiterate why we selected it.

This playground is literally in our backyard. It’s the only playground for two large housing complexes. Can you see the grass? Grass! People. Grass!

Since moving in, we’ve noticed:


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Adventures in Housing


Now that we had hot water installed, a toilet that worked and a possible preschool, we were feeling better about making a little progress on this house; thus, settling into our life here.

Today’s adventures in housing included: getting the patio glassed in (the landlord felt it would ward off thieves) screens on the

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