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Rainy Friday & Saturday

05.07 – 05.08.10

When Schäfer comes home from school at 11:30am, the first thing he wants to do is have a snack and then play.

He arrives at school at 8:30am. During the Parent’s Day, I learned that their mid-morning snack is only soy milk. So, for our little guy who has eaten every two hours since birth, he can get quite hungry. We try to fill him up with a big bowl of oatmeal before school, but most days he comes home hungry.

He also comes home ready to play. After sitting at a table for most of the morning, he can’t wait to get creative. Of course, Sianna is completely happy to sit and play next to her Big Brother.  Meanwhile, Mommy is working to get lunch on the table and Papa is generally on his way home from an appointment.

On Saturday, it rained pretty hard, but that didn’t keep us from trekking out to the new neighborhood bakery’s grand opening. When we first moved here, I noticed that there was no great bakery close by. Oh sure, Chinese pastries, tarts, or cakes aren’t quite the same as an American or European bakery, but for us going to the bakery to eat a snack is a special treat.

I love Siana in her candy pink jogging suit with red shoes.

The bakery had free coffee or juice to everyone who came today. Schäfer loved watching the bakers behind the glass wall kneed dough or decorate a cake. Despite his fireman hat addiction, when asked what he wants to be when he grows up, he’ll say, “A chef.”

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