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Bike Oahu

Dave Evans; Around Oahu

Since taking up cycling in China, I have often regretted not taking it up earlier when I lived in the States (in beautiful San Francisco at that!).

Knowing that we wouldn’t be back in Hawaii anytime soon, I thought it would be a good chance to start my new goal: Ride a century (100 miles) in every State (possibly country) I visit.

Why have I chosen this goal? It’s good exercise and I get to see the countryside better. Simple as that. 🙂

So I called up a local Bike Shop and asked if they had my size (63cm). It turns out that they had a 62cm…which works in a pinch. And they gave me 36 hours for the price of a 24 hour rental. All the better!

I ended up riding what is known as the Dave Evans route around Oahu. A gorgeous loop that hugs the ocean and weaves in and out of stunning bays.

This point near Waimea is famous for being a great diving spot. It drops straight down from the shore.

I stopped by this roadside stand for a snack.

Fried banana. So good I bought two.

The north shore of Oahu is more arid: great for growing sago palm.

I stopped by this shrimp stand for a drink of Guava juice.

This McDonald’s was pretty cool looking! Very indigenous! Now if they would only serve McShave Ice and McKalua Pork.

At last I find the Giovanni Shrimp truck! By this time it was too early for lunch and I was still working off the fried bananas.

This looked like a great place to swim…too bad I didn’t have time to stop…

I thought the storm clouds contrasted nicely with the crystal clear sunlit waters.

A few residents of the islands voice their disapproval of the way they have been treated and would like Hawaii to become their own sovereign country.

The windward side of the island is lush and tropical.

Makes you just want to drive a VW van around the valley, eh?

This little island was called the Chinaman’s Hat.



You can’t see them, but two sea turtles were diving right in front of me.

Let us not forget that this island was formed by volcanic activity.

The island is literally one layer of lava after another.

At last I reach the Hanauma Bay and the home stretch.

I turn in the bike and waddle back uphill to the guest house. I was sore the next day, but it was a good and well-earned kind of soreness!

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