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Culture Shock: Flying in America


At 5:30am, we traveled to the airport. Thank you Karen for the ride!

After some internet research, we knew we would have to pay $15 check in one bag.

No surprises there, but a bit of culture shock began.

Last time we were in America, the first bag was free and the second bag was $50.

We boarded our plane bound for Seattle on time.

Schäfer got to meet the pilots. (His wildest dream come true!)

He told me, “They shared their hat with me!”

He received a picture of the airplane we were flying on.

Just as we were ready to roll, there was a mechanical problem.

We read books.

Then, Papa read the exact same books again.

Finally, the airline allowed everyone to get off the plane. We exited.

Absolutely nobody was sure if we were going to fly out of Honolulu as planned since we were all “waiting on a part”. There was much talk about everyone flying out tomorrow.

Visions of a free night’s stay at the fancy Sheraton danced in my head.

I could do another day in Hawaii. I’m flexible.

After three hours, the part was installed. We were on our way.

Sianna was exhausted from crawling all over the airport.


So long Hanauma Bay!

So long Honolulu!

Schäfer passed some time with his locomotive BFF: Thomas.

And then the culture shock began…

As the plane grew colder, we asked for a blanket and pillow.

The flight attendant looked at us a bit strangely and said there weren’t any available. Apparently, blankets and pillows ended during H1N1.

I assumed that since we were on a 6 hour flight, we would have at least one meal provided.

I was wrong.

After a 3 hour delay with no snack offerings, we were given a menu to purchase in flight meals.

This pregnant woman had no choice. I didn’t realize I should bring my own picnic for in-flight consumption. Lesson learned.

We did receive a delicious complimentary juice called POG (pomegranate, orange, & guava) along with macadamia nut packets and Kona coffee cookies.

It also costs $12 for an in-flight movie player. Don’t worry. We had plenty of free entertainment.

Once we arrived in Seattle, we had plenty of time to meet our connecting flight. Schäfer proclaimed, “Hello Pilot!” to every pilot he saw.

They made his day.

Before we knew it, we were at our final destination.

Of course, our bags were still in Honolulu.

Uncle Derek brought a borrowed car seat for Sianna. Mark and Melinda loaned us a car. It takes a village.

The kids did not enjoy their first moments of car seat containment. Sianna proclaimed (through her screams) that the car seat was interrupting our attachment.

Schäfer cried because he had not taken a nap all day and he wanted to lay down.

Hubs and I laughed. What else could we do?

Huckleberry Mountain here we come.

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