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Final Day in Hawaii


During our final day in Hawaii, we decided to hunt down a couple of eating dives and chase the sunset at the beach.

For lunch we enjoyed Kalua pork and Lomi salmon among other Hawaiian specialties at Young’s Fish Market.

Talk about going local! This place was packed. (I took this photo after the lunch crowd left.)

Hubs discerned what we would eat as I could not identify half the items on the menu.

Sianna and Hubs could not wait to eat.

Poi is a type of paste made from Taro. A local said that she didn’t mind eating it with some sugar on top. Having tried it earlier in the week, we passed on the poi.

After lunch, Schäfer was entertained by the fish tank. They actually had Nemo inside!

After lunch, we decided to take a bus over to Bubbies for some famous Mochi’s. Of course, we realized we were at the wrong bus stop so we had to walk a block up to get to another line. Then, thanks to Google Map’s “within 2 mile radius” we got off the bus too early. Of course, by this time, Schäfer had to use the bathroom and it was impossible to find a place. Thank goodness for Burger King. Eventually, we found Bubbies.

It was worth the wait. Bubbies has plenty of ice cream and ice cream cakes along with other desserts, but their specialty is the ice cream Mochi ball.

I had no idea what to expect from these famous Mochi’s so we ordered 12 just to be sure.

The anticipation…

Mochi’s are glutinous rice covered ice cream. YUM.

For Schäfer, this turned out to be a good lesson in tasting each flavor, savoring a gourmet treat, and sharing.

Sianna kept wanting to eat a Mochi, but then she was annoyed because they were cold. She’d forget that they were cold, so she’ d take another bite – only to be annoyed at the cold ice cream. Vicious cycle.

Mochi’s made the O list. Our favorites were the chocolate peanut butter and root beer.


After Mochi’s, we decided to go back to the Guest House and let the kids take a much needed nap. Once they were refreshed, we headed down to the beach.

Sianna moved rocks in and out of her bucket. She’s one busy organizer.

Schäfer begged to be buried one final time.

One last time to “wash off” in the ocean.

One final toss in the air.

The sun set before we were ready to stop playing.

Aloha O’ahu! We shall return!

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