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Hawaii with Kids

Some people come to Hawaii for…

shark cages


submarine adventures

horse back riding


dolphin & turtle diving

jet skiing

scuba diving

and expensive luau’s.

But we came for…


We hoped for some surf

and sand.

We endured many challenges in the last 12 months.

Just when we thought life couldn’t get any more stressful, it did.

Just when we thought we were hard pressed on all sides, we were pressed further.

We needed to slow down.

We were desperately in need of rest

and blue skies

and nature.

More than anything, we needed to learn how to play together again.

And remember that he’s only 3

and she just turned 1.

I desperately needed some time with my people.

Before I know it, we’ll be blessed with another.

Until then, I’m savoring the small moments…

like how she smiled so big her tongue curled

and how happy he was when he got his own cup of ice cream (instead of having to share with us).

I don’t want to forget…

the afternoon he was a zoo keeper

2010-07-16@19-07-25 (1)
the sound of her laughter when tossed from Papa’s arms

how much she loved sand

the taste of a shave ice

what a treasure she is

how they played together

No time outs.

No other place to be.

how much she trusts him

how much this little guy loves his Papa

our Best Day together

They can keep all their shark cages and late night luau’s… I’ll take Hawaii with my kids anytime.

7 comments to Hawaii with Kids

  • I cried as I read through this post. Your family was our inspiration for taking Elijah with us to Ireland and Scotland in August. It was so much fun and thanks to you, I was more prepared than I would have been otherwise! Love you guys!

  • Patti Lounibos

    This post warmed my heart so very much. You are all so vibrant and full of gratitude. I hope to one day meet your ever growing family. 🙂

  • Charlotte

    Wow, your daughter has really grown. What a cutie! Our family had lots of fun times in Hawaii on our way to work!

  • jdavis2

    love this post… it brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my lips. time does go by ever so quickly and though we don’t want to miss or forget a moment of it, we too easily find ourselves caught up with the busyness of life… and before long we’ve forgotten the beauty of such majical memories. thank you for sharing your memories with us & for reminding us to be diligent to make our own. so thankful you got to have such a wonderful, restful time with your people. we love you all!

  • pod fan

    1. How do you take such fab pictures?

    2. How do you look so unbelievably gorgeous in that preggers photo?

    3. How have you managed to avoid hawaii for so long?

    4. How and when exactly did Sianna get so grown up? Seriously – she has grown into quite the little person!

    5. How is it that I haven’t talked to you – or emailed you – in ages?

    I loved your hawaii series, love all the pics of your people, love that you feel rested. It would be so fun to catch up and chat sometime…but that feels like a dream away. How long are you in the States? Or are you just posting from a long time ago and are already back?

    • 1. I have a great lens.

      2. I’ll blame that on the tropical location.

      3. No clue. Now I’m addicted.

      4. I think Sianna grew up just yesterday. More and more of her personality is coming out. Sometimes fun. Sometimes not.

      5. I took about 5 weeks off from the computer. Oh yeah! You moved continents and gave birth to #4.

      Sorry no longer in the states. Just posting from a long, long time ago. Will be caught up soon. Will be caught up soon. (repeat with me)

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