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Idaho :: Back to Huckleberry Mountain


On Saturday, we decided to go to the Sandpoint Farmer’s Market. The rainy season delayed many of the vegetables this year, but there were plenty of crafts, jams, fruit and raw milk vendors. It took a bit of coaxing to get Schäfer off this trike.

Schäfer was happy to see Coco the dog again. Much to Coco’s chagrin, he spent a lot of time being picked up by Schäfer. The best thing we picked up at the market was bing cherries!

We also bought some kettle corn, then walked over to the Litehouse Cheese Factory to buy some cheese. The Litehouse Cheese Factory has been there ever since Hubs was a kid. Hubs always enjoyed eating their cheese curds. Nowadays, they have a great selection of salad dressings, cheeses and huckleberry products.

While Schäfer was enjoying some kettle corn, he saw Grandpapa’s toenails and proclaimed, “Grandpapa, your toenails are nasty!” Oh my.

Once back at the house, we went on a tour of Grandpapa’s first garden. Here we have Father and son picking tomatilloes for salsa. Male bonding at its best.

Raspberries were in season and so tasty! We ate loads of them on our cereal every morning.

After nap time, Schäfer enjoyed taking Sianna for a spin.

Sianna was happy to wait for Schäfer to come back and drive the jeep. She enjoyed standing up.

Schäfer enjoyed helping Grandpapa with all of his watering needs.

Then, he hopped back on his trike to chase down the cat.

This evening, I washed the pie cherries we bought at the farmer’s market…soon to become a pie!

Grilling is something that we miss while living in China. (We’ll have to remedy that.) We took as many opportunities as possible to grill up our dinners.

It’s good to be back in Idaho, the land of Muskrat Barbecue Sauce!

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