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Pearl Harbor: The Mighty Mo

If you come to Honolulu, one of the top sites to visit is Pearl Harbor.

It does not disappoint.

Our friend Lance kindly gave us a ride to Pearl Harbor. (Otherwise it would have added one hour of bus travel into our day.)

Pearl Harbor consists of four attractions: the USS Arizona Memorial,

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Meanwhile, the kids and I…

Hubs left early to ride his bike around Oahu. Since the kids and I were tired from yesterday’s 20 mile ride to Hanauma Bay, we decided to skip out on the 100 mile ride today.

This morning, we played with the boys who are staying in the upstairs apartment. By 11:30am, we returned to our

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Bike Oahu

Dave Evans; Around Oahu

Since taking up cycling in China, I have often regretted not taking it up earlier when I lived in the States (in beautiful San Francisco at that!).

Knowing that we wouldn’t be back in Hawaii anytime soon, I thought it would be a good chance to start my new

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Family Bike Ride to Hanauma Bay

Today we rented bikes and rode all the way to Hanauma Bay! That’s 10 miles there & 10 miles back. Yep. Schäfer rode 20 miles on the bike!

Hanauma Bay Family Bike Ride at EveryTrail

Of course we took a few breaks along the way…

Our first break came about 1.5 hours into our

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Relaxation and Rememberance

This morning, we woke up early in order to take 2 buses to get to church. We were visiting a church that was recommended by a friend. When Hubs asked if I wanted to go all the way to Kailua to attend church, I had to quote the famous Darrin Mechling, “A church alive is

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Hanauma Bay

This morning we woke up at 5:30am to ride with our friend Karen to Hanauma Bay. Hanauma Bay is the busiest beach on the island. Why?

Fish. It is a huge snorkeling area.

Our local friend, Karen, offered to take us on a personal tour. Her specialty: finding octopus.

Bonus: if you arrive in

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