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Pearl Harbor: The USS Bowfin and more

Aside from the USS Arizona and USS Missouri, there are plenty of other activities to build up your appetite at the National Park. Since you can’t carry bags at all, you are limited to the concession stands. Thankfully they were pretty good and not overly expensive. The big hot dogs with unlimited cheese, chili and condiments were a pretty good deal. Schäfer loved his!

Hot dogs don’t hold a candle to operating anti-aircraft guns.

He is all boy!


Nearby they had some periscopes set up, one at Schäfer’s level.

View from the periscope with the USS Bowfin, USS Arizona memorial and USS Missouri.

“Look at the big spinner!”

Schäfer and I went on the USS Bowfin, a submarine used during WWII.

The doors inside were quite small.

Schäfer loved working the rudder planes. “Down 10 degrees!”

Everything was brass plated (less conductive) and gleaming.

The bunks were shared by crew members in shifts.

Schäfer smiling in the engine room. The submarine was powered by electric motors and when on the surface, these diesel motors charged the batteries.

The aft torpedo room.

In the submarine museum, Schäfer wanted his photo taken with “space man”.

Following the submarine museum, we went to the Pacific Aviation Museum. It was very well done and explained some of the other stories from Pearl Harbor and WWII.

Including the story of the fleet of bombers that took off from US aircraft carriers to strike at the heart of Tokyo, sending a message that the US will not back down and that Japan was not as invincible as it believed.

The entire hanger was packed with aircraft.

Sianna enjoys some flying near a B-23.


At the end of the day, we were thankful to visit the National Park and bring our kids to a site that represents who we are as Americans. A nation that will not stand for tyranny. A people who cherish freedom.

After supper, before our final bus ride up the hill, we stopped by a Yogurt Bar to share a treat. Their selection of toppings wasn’t that impressive (or maybe I was in a pregnancy mood where nothings looks good). In addition to three varieties of yogurt, Hubs selected just a few pickled mangoes to try. Unfortunately, he only got a small taste because Schäfer gobbled them down. Pickled mangoes. Who knew?

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