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A Special Thanks


On my final day in Arkansas, I drove Sister to the Little Rock airport. We decided to leave the kids with Nanamaw and Grandmaw since they probably wouldn’t like 6 hours of car containment.

I am so thankful Sister came and spent an entire two weeks with us! She just had knee surgery so she was off from work. I’m pretty sure Sister’s physical therapist didn’t prescribe chasing two kids around as a knee strengthening technique. Thankfully, no harm was done.

I don’t know how I would have made it these two weeks without her.

Just when the moment was stressful, Sister would whip out an Oatmeal Cream Pie (my favorite Little Debbie EVER) and suggested I eat something. I promise that her purse has an unending supply of good things… coupons, toys for the kids, snacks for me…

Mostly I loved how we stayed up until 2am talking… talking… talking…

Sianna absolutely loved her Aunt.

Sister was always there to help do whatever needed to be done. And because she’s my sister I didn’t feel like I was inconveniencing her when I said, “Can you color with Schäfer while I put Sianna to sleep?”

Or the 100 other things I asked her to do:
Can you get Schäfer out of the car seat?
Can you read to Schäfer while I put Sianna to bed?
Can you watch Sianna while I go to the bathroom?

Sister is very tender and cries at a good story.

She also knows just how to make the moment fun.

And when everyone is settled, she quiets herself too… until I came along and said, “Hey what are you reading?”
“Oh nothing. What do you want to do?” She’s always ready for fun.

Thank you Sister for being such a great Aunt, sister and friend. We love you.

You are so completely missed.

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