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Flight & Final Day in Idaho


We left the Arkansas homestead at 5am this morning for our 2.5 hour drive to Little Rock. When we checked in, I did something I’ve never done before. I simply said, “I’m traveling by myself with two kids and I’m 6 months pregnant. Do you think I could get a gate pass for my Mom?”

The United representative was more than happy to oblige since my Mom was carrying her ID. With the free gate ticket in hand, my Mom escorted us all the way to the gate. She was a big help getting our carry-ons and wee ones through security.

Another strange occurrence that happened in my flights (both coming and going): Schäfer and I were not seated together. I don’t know why they couldn’t put us together. Each ticketing agent said the same thing, “When you get on board ask someone to trade with you.” Like that’s convenient!

On each flight, I had a conversation like this: “Excuse me sir, I realize that you’ve just sat down, opened your newspaper and stored all of your luggage in the overhead compartment, but my son is sitting beside you. He’s three. Do you mind watching him for the next couple of hours? Oh really? Well, I guess we could trade seats then.”

Our flights were thankfully uneventful. A Little Rock airport service desk gave Schäfer another pair of wings! He watched some Thomas on the iPod and played with cars. At age three, he’s really easy to travel with.

Unlike my wee one who is 15 months. Gosh, that’s such a tough travel age! Nothing entertains her for more than 3 minutes – a new doll, a new book, etc. all lose her interest pretty quickly. She has no comprehension that she’s on a plane so she wants to crawl all over the place and gets frustrated by her confinement.

On plane rides, I find myself offering unlimited numbers of snacks and allowing her to do things that I wouldn’t normally agree to like ripping tissues into minuscule pieces.

We arrived in Spokane at 1pm. When the plane landed Schäfer said, “Where’s Papa?” – as though he were waiting for us on the runway.

Once we stepped off the plane, it was more of “Where’s Papa?” – as though he would be waiting for us at our gate.

Finally, when we got to baggage claim, Hubs made his appearance. I regret not taking any home video, but my hands were filled with carry-ons and Sianna.

I don’t want to forget the way Schäfer ran to his Papa. The way he squealed and hugged him with all his might.

The first thing he said was, “Can we have a pillow fight?”

The second thing he said was, “Can we wrestle?”

I wasn’t sure how Sianna would react to Hubs. After all, two weeks is a long time, but as soon as she saw him she wanted nothing to do with me. I was so thankful to see her attachment to him as strong as ever.

Once we grabbed our bags, we hopped in the car and headed to the Coeur ‘d Alene Resort. Hubs sister had a gift certificate that she had not used so she graciously offered it to us. Since we were leaving for Asia at 11am the next morning, we decided it would be best not to travel all the way to Huckleberry Mountain. Besides, who doesn’t love a great hotel?

Mommy, can I jump on the bed?


Schäfer worked off a little energy before nap time.

After some much needed rest, we walked over to City Park to meet up with the rest of the family.

Sianna loved the slide.

Eventually, she was willing to try it herself.

I love her joy.

Schäfer had a great time at the park playing with his cousins.

Grandma Huckleberry & Sianna

We all went to Tito’s for supper. The kids made their own pizza’s.

The only topping Schäfer requested was pineapple. (He’s just like his Mommy!)

Schäfer loved making the pizza, but he especially loved wearing the chef’s hat.

Thank you Aunt Katrina for hosting our entire family for one final meal together.

The food was just delicious!

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