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Heading East


During our final morning in Idaho, we walked through downtown Coeur ‘d Alene in search of breakfast. Idaho was a shocking 51 degrees!

Schäfer had to have his photo taken with Mudgy Moose.

Kaeleb too!

We had a great breakfast with Aunt Katrina, Trinity and Kaeleb. We found a great cafe with lots of toys for the kids. Hubs snuck away to finish the last minute packing and check us out of the hotel.


Thank you Aunt Katrina for giving us a ride to the airport! She kept Schäfer entertained while we checked our 4 bags in.

brother & sister + kids.

While we waited for our airplane to Seattle, Schäfer played with 2 of his new planes.

He loves airports.

Sianna loves to crawl. I generally let her zoom all over the place because I know that she needs to work it out before having to sit for a while.

Today, she showed Papa her latest trick – she stands! I love her fingers pointing up to help with balance.

It seemed like she stood forever. Of course, I’m so happy for her newest milestone, but I’m a little sad that my crawler is growing up. Crawling is my favorite baby phase.

Once on the plane, Sianna crashed. Hubs was happy to have her in his arms again.

Schäfer spent the entire flight playing with his new planes.

Our layover in Seattle wasn’t very long. We stopped by a play area for the kids to run around while Hubs grabbed some fish. Time slipped away from us, but we did make it to our next flight on time.

Unfortunately, we were separated by an aisle.

This is the only photo I got during our entire flight. I was exhausted, but too uncomfortable to sleep. We had a short layover in Japan before boarding our final flight to Hong Kong. The kids did their best. I was thankful we packed an insane amount of snacks.

We arrived in Hong Kong at 9pm. Our luggage arrived without any problems and we hopped on the next available bus downtown.

3 comments to Heading East

  • Charity

    y’all have been all over the world!!! 🙂 I’ve not commented but have read through- that belly is looking cute!! Sianna is growin up so fast, what a cutie!

  • jdavis2

    great pictures! thanks for sharing them with us… 🙂 p.s. glad the flights were bearable. whew!

  • Pete & Kimberly

    I love all these recent posts and pictures! I’m so glad to see a baby belly pic…beautiful! Sianna looks so sweet in her pink flower dress, and what a big girl standing up! Miss you guys! –K&P, A&R

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