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10 Random Thoughts on America

1. One month in the USA.
For us, spending just one month in the states felt really segmented. It’s not like we were in one location for the entire month. Hubs and I have the blessing of a cross-cultural marriage since I am from the south and he is basically Canadian. So, we must divide our time between Arkansas and Idaho.

Then, our time divides again because both our parents are divorced. We did our best to divide the 2 weeks in Idaho and Arkansas by giving each grandparent 7 days.

It was tough.

For Idaho, it is a little more manageable since Grandpapa and Grandma Huckleberry don’t live too far from each other.

But for our time down south, it was really challenging since my parents live in separate states. Thankfully, my Dad traveled and made it work.

Now that we are looking back, I just don’t know if we’ll ever do another month in the states.  It felt really rushed and there were SO many people that we could not see.

2. Shark Week!
Oh yes. We got to watch more Shark Week on Discovery Channel than ever before. In fact, I don’t think we’ve ever seen Shark Week since we didn’t have cable when we lived in California.

I also enjoyed many episodes of Clean Sweep. In one way, the show is inspiring. In another way, it makes me feel like the office isn’t that bad after all!

Speaking of tv… Wheel of Fortune is still on and Vanna is still turning the letters. Who knew? Although I think now she just touches them. Wouldn’t want Vanna to get a case of the carpal tunnel.

Sister got me into the show Pickers. It’s about these antique dealers who go around to people’s sheds and buy valuable antiques. I wonder if they have passports? I can think of plenty of treasures in our apartment they would be more than welcome to pick.

3. Bread is thinner.

Seriously, what’s up with these thin breads?

I know it’s to save carbs and all that, but they still don’t taste all that great.

Thin is in.

4. Everywhere I looked, there were tattoos.
When did tattoos come into fashion? In fact, I think it’s the new rage to NOT have a tattoo.

5. Schäfer got a credit card offer in the mail.
Really? Yes. That young? Yes. And people wonder what’s wrong with our economy. I forgot to look and see what his maximum limit was before I placed it in the wood stove for burning.

6. What’s up with methamphetamine ads?
We first saw these on the buses in Hawaii, but didn’t expect to see ads on tv, bill boards and random signs in north Idahoan hay fields. It’s incredible that meth has become that much of a problem.

7. I forgot how there are mini-coffee kiosks all over Idaho.

Everywhere there is a parking lot you can find a coffee hut. Good thing we don’t drink coffee.

8. The back to school shopping list are extensive.
Hub’s niece needed a jump drive for 5th grade. How far we have come in the last couple decades! The back to school lists were long. I couldn’t believe how much parents were expected to buy.

9. On-line shopping
One idea I’ve been thinking through, is organizing our supply list a bit more before we leave China. Oh sure, we have a list, but I’m starting to realize that there are a lot of items we could have ordered on-line while in China and mailed them to Grandpapa’s house. Then, when we arrived, we could repack our supplies at the appropriate time.

Hubs also spent some time checking out bike shops, but then ordered all of his supplies on-line.

Old Navy only carries a size tall on-line.

I’m thinking more and more about how to avoid wasting time shopping when I could be spending it making memories.

10. The Supply List
We always make one. If we didn’t have a list, then we’d buy a bunch of stuff that we don’t really need and we’d get back to China regretting what we didn’t get. Right?

Before we left, Hubs and I made a promise to keep the kids out of stores as much as possible. The reality of this promise is that Hubs did most of the shopping while I kept the kids. I completely trust Hubs and his thrifty skills.

Grandpapa introduced us to Spokane Discount which is a local store that buys unwanted items from large stores. Fortunately, in this case, if we had bought these items on-line we wouldn’t have paid the fabulous Spokane Discount prices.  Next time we go to the states, we’re hitting up Spokane Discount before going anywhere else.

Hubs two great finds were:

a massive dish drying rack! My little Ikea rack was on its last leg.

BPA free storage containers. Thanks, Erin, for introducing these to us! You can never have too many.

2 comments to 10 Random Thoughts on America

  • Erin

    So glad you found more of these! I’ve always been so sad that we were never able to figure out how to get you more lids. And the BPA-free version? Even better! 🙂

    Miss you guys! I’ve been loving all the updates! Give the kids a hug for us. 🙂

  • Nichole

    Oooh, I've been wanting some of that Rubbermaid stuff.

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