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Off to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital for Prenatal Care

For Schäfer’s pregnancy and for Baby #3, I’m continuing to do my prenatal care at the local Women and Children’s Hospital. Since I’ve never had a baby in America, I can’t compare the two heath systems.

This is all I know so it seems pretty normal to me.

Welcome to the Women & Children’s

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Baby #3 at 26 weeks

I’m 26 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

I have 98 days to go until my due date.

Good gravy.

Where has the time gone?

Our baby may now be able to hear both my voice and Hubs as we chat with each other. Our baby is inhaling and exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid,

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Kindle: The Most Gifted Item


When we were in the States last year, I made a semi-luxury purchase: I bought a Kindle.

Why “semi-luxury”? Well, it was a first generation device and consequently was relatively high-priced for what you got.

Or so I thought at the time.

In actually, I wasn’t buying a book reading device. I was

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Preschool Homework


Nearly everyday Schäfer has homework. Yes, he is in three-year-preschool and he already has homework. Welcome to China.

Poor kid. At least I didn’t have to start homework until I was in 1st grade! Thankfully his homework isn’t bad. Mostly, it just involves circling or coloring things.

One night our neighbors, from

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Xin Hu Parent/Teacher Conference


Schäfer wasn’t even in school for a week before we received our first notice in his backpack. On Saturday, we were to have our first parent/teacher meeting.

Schäfer found his good buddy Xin Xin. To our disappointment, Xin Xin is in class 1 while Schäfer is in class 4.

I tried

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Flashlight Earpick

We bought our stroller off which is sort of like the Chinese version of eBay… sort of. The fun thing about buying on Taobao is that sometimes bonus items come with the original purchase. We received some absolutely fabulous bonus items this time around!

Yes. An ear-pick with a flashlight. So that

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