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Saturday School

In China, it’s common to attend a Saturday School. These schools host classes that are suppose to be special activities for the kids. There’s art class, Chinese calligraphy, English, taikwondo, ballet, modern dance, etc.

I was hoping to find a gymnastics program for Schäfer. He’s so active and loves being physically challenged. Unfortunately, there is no gymnastics facility in our city. The closest thing I could find was a taekwondo class, but I’m not sure we need to be practicing hitting others at his age. Besides, the beginner classes start at age 5.

Schäfer’s friend, Yuan Yuan, goes to art classes on Saturday. She’s been begging Schäfer to come. So this Saturday we grabbed our colors and some computer paper and ventured into art class. This week’s theme: birds.

Now, if I was teaching an art class on birds, we’d look at several famous bird paintings. We’d talk about how the artist painted their bird. Then I’d say, make your own bird painting! Go for it! The possibilities are endless.

But that’s not how art class goes around here.

The teacher has the picture already drawn on the board. The students copy the teacher’s picture. Not just in size and shape of the bird, but also in color selection.The final product is a picture that looks exactly like the teacher’s.

Art class is 3 hours long. Oh my. Schäfer made it a good 45 minutes before asking if he could leave.

09.18.2010 – Schäfer’s bird picture.

After three new pieces of paper, the teacher drew the bird for him. Schäfer exploded some color onto the page.

While the rest of the students continued to focus on their bird Schäfer drew a “rainbow with sprinkles and a rocket.” Awesome.

I think we’ll stay away from Saturday class until something comes along that is a perfect fit.

1 comment to Saturday School

  • nanamaw

    I have an art philosophy that I used on you and your sister, No coloring books, only blank paper and crayons, water colors and tempera paint…Maybe he will be another Jackson Pollack…nanamaw

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