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Xin Hu Parent’s Day


The day before National Holiday, Xin Hu Preschool hosted a Parent’s Day.

Thankfully, Hubs and I were both able to attend. (I know this meant a lot to Schäfer.)

Oh yes, this is Miss Sianna: lace socks, mary jane shoes, fancy outfit and a bow in her hair.

While Schäfer attended “class”, Sianna played with all the kitchen toys.

Schäfer’s folder was filled with lots of artwork.

After the lesson, it was time for snacks!

First, everyone had a little milk.

Could these kids be any cuter in their smocks?

For a special snack today, the kids had xiao mantou and dried haw roll-ups.

Meanwhile, Sianna played and played.

After snacks, we headed to the 3rd floor for the Quail Egg Peeling Competition!

Schäfer encouraged his classmates on. Jia you! Jia you!

Luo Jin Yuan is Schäfer’s friend from Ying Cai Preschool. She also changed schools for Xiao Ban.

In fact, we recently learned that Jin Yuan’s parents requested that she and Schäfer be in the same Class 4. I think it might have helped  a bit to know someone in his classroom on the first day.

At this same time, his buddy Xin Xin is in Class One so it was hard to not have them together. Xin Xin’s Nai Nai asked me several times to request a change in Schäfer’s class, but I felt like he was comfortable where he was so there was no point in changing classes.

A couple of other Mom’s have asked me why Schäfer is in Class 4 instead of Class 1. This is because in the upper grades classes are based off of a student’s test scores. Thus, Class 1 would always have the top students. Since we’re in three-year-preschool, I think Class 1 or Class 4 would both be fine.

Schäfer peeled this quail egg with all his might.

Hubs encouraged him on! When Schäfer was finished, he was really upset because he didn’t get to eat the egg!

After the competition, we went to Schäfer’s classroom for free play with the other kids. We saw Schäfer’s preschool journal which included photos from his day and letters from his teachers. WOW. I was impressed!

Schäfer enjoyed playing with his friends. He’s obsessed with Legos right now. (We don’t have any at home so I guess that makes this set at the preschool even more exciting.)


Schäfer and Lou Jin Yuan

And with that finished, school was out for National Holiday!

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