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Happy Halloween 2010

On Halloween evening, the kids got dressed up in the costumes Sister sent. (She bought them last year in the after Halloween sales. Since Sister is super thrifty, I don’t imagine she paid more than 75 cents for them!)

Schäfer loved his pirate costume. He kept asking to read the book Do Pirates

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Halloween Festivities 2010 :: Pumpkin Carving


On Saturday evening, we made our way down to the local market in search of a pumpkin.

Pumpkin. Check.

Schäfer had to put on a costume for pumpkin carving.

Back in June my sister sent 2 costumes that she found on the clearance rack after Halloween 2009. I thought about putting them

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Halloween Festivites 2010 :: Preschool Carnival


On Friday morning, a big tiger and little strawberry made their way to the preschool Halloween Carnival.

Big tiger!

This year Schäfer’s teachers taught him to say, “Chick or treat!” We explained that he might not be hearing his teacher’s pronunciation correctly. We taught him, “Trick or treat!”

His teachers also taught him

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Help Found. Help Wanted. repeat.

On Saturday, we hired Lu Ayi. Her heart was so much like ours. We were so thankful to have found someone who was willing to watch Sianna for a few minutes in addition to the cleaning and cooking responsibilities.

Then, on Sunday, Lu Ayi called and said that she would not be able to work.

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Right Now: Saturday Night 8:45pm

Today was a good day.

Hubs worked all morning. The kids and I were outside for 3 hours. Despite the fact that Schäfer played and moved non-stop, he skipped his afternoon nap. Meanwhile, Sianna took a much needed 3 hour nap.

This afternoon, we were introduced to a new Ayi. After some time of sitting

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Nanamaw’s Banana Pudding

In our world of blogs, tweets, e-mails and Skype, doesn’t the written word seem precious? I came across this hand written recipe from my Mom quite some time ago. In our family, the Nanamaw is known for making the best banana pudding.

INGREDIENTS 1 cup sugar 1/3 cup flour 2 eggs 2 cups milk

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