Happy Halloween 2010

On Halloween evening, the kids got dressed up in the costumes Sister sent. (She bought them last year in the after Halloween sales. Since Sister is super thrifty, I don’t imagine she paid more than 75 cents for them!)

Schäfer loved his pirate costume. He kept asking to read the book Do Pirates Take Baths?

I wasn’t sure if Sianna’s costume was going to fit because the bag said it was a 2T, but it fit perfectly. As you can tell, Sianna doesn’t have time to stop for a photo. She must walk!

I forgot how sweet the toddle stage is.

When her tongue is out, she’s completely focused.



Brother & sister.

Sianna and Hubs headed back home while Schäfer climbed on some rocks outside. Then, Schäfer went and knocked on our door. Hubs had some special gummies waiting for him!

Sianna continued to have conversations with the pumpkin while I cooked supper.

Then, we let the kids watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

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For supper we had Louisiana style red beans and rice because Mommy was in the mood for something spicy. For dessert, we enjoyed hot caramel with apple slices.

Basically, cooking the red beans and rice and boiling the caramel both took 2 hours on the stove top so it was an easy meal to coordinate.

Thank you Aunt Gloria for my pirate costume. “I really like the patch. The big belt is my favorite!”

Thank you Aunt Gloria for my clown costume. I loved my hat!

13 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 2010”

  1. ah! love the costumes! it’s so fun to see sianna’s personality coming through in these photos! and schafer is such a cutie… love how he’s ALL boy!

  2. You're kids are absolutely precious. I thought they were cute as Tigger and a Strawberry, but Sianna bowled me over with cuteness dressed as the clown, and then when I thought I had enough cuteness, the pictures of both of them on the rock were even cuter. Thanks for reminding me how cute my boys were at that toddler age. It made my day!

  3. It has been a while since dropping by… busy with life I guess… oh the kids look SO gorgeous :) They are certainly growing fast… give them hugs for me :)

  4. Schafer makes a very good pirate, and Sianna is just a cutie…walking away she looks like a tin soldierfrom Babes in Toyland. Nanamaw and Grandmaw

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