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Picnic at the Park


For the final day of National Holiday, we went to Gan Tang Park for some fun and a picnic. It’s always nice just to have a simple picnic, especially after the kite-flying, stroller drag-racing, mountain-climbing past couple of days.

The morning started off with some simple book reading. It’s great that Sianna is starting to develop a love for books just like her older brother.

Once at the park, we gave Schäfer the choice of riding 4 rides or riding three rides and getting a balloon. Adrenaline junkie that he is, he took the four rides. The first of which was a high-powered speed boat ride. You tried to scoop balls with a strainer and throw them in a nearby hoop.

At some point, the ride operator sped up the boats so that we were riding a pretty good swell as we sped around in circles.

Meanwhile, Sianna started playing a game of pulling out her hair bow and handing it to Mommy to fix. “Uh! Uh!”

“Oops, it came off again, Mommy!” aka “UH! UH!”

Our next ride was the airliner ride.

It was a pretty rickety ride. One jury-rigged button to raise us. The other button to lower us. Neither worked half the time, so we spent most of the time trying to get the buttons to work…

Schäfer’s third choice was the train ride. Of course, it was “James the Red Engine” who was pulling us.

Finally, we guided Schäfer to the jumping area. He had some energy to work off!

Sianna just enjoyed hanging with the parents and eating raisins!

About noon, we found a quiet pagoda – perfect for a picnic.

Peanut butter-banana sandwiches, bananas, green grapes and wheat puff snacks! A great, simple picnic!

At the end, Schäfer wanted to do some climbing.

The more height the better when launching his whirly-bird! With that, we got the kids back in time for their afternoon naps. It was a nice relaxing day!

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