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Xin Hu Sports Competition


On Sunday, Schäfer’s preschool had a sports competition.

Schäfer led his class in the opening ceremony. All the students in the 3-year-preschool classes wore red.

It was an honor for Schäfer to be selected as the class leader for the day.

Schäfer did his best to stand in line while

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Everyday Ikea :: 13

Forgive me. This pregnant woman has been dreaming of Swedish meatballs with lingonberry sauce in her sleep.

It’s been 291 days since we were last at Ikea Cafe.

Our entire family wonders if we have some Swedish ancestors enjoys the place.

Right now, I could go for a a 1rmb ice

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A Most Unexpected Knock

Today, I was so thankful it was Sunday. I was also secretly looking forward to the fact that tomorrow is Monday and Ayi will be dropping by to move non-stop around our home for three hours. As I’m now in my 36th week of pregnancy, there are times when I sit on the couch, hold

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Baby #3 at 36 weeks

It’s Saturday night.


I just got an e-mail from informing me that I’m 36 weeks pregnant.

Errr… Schäfer came at 38 weeks.

The idea that we could be holding a precious bundle in our arms in 2 weeks is… alarming.

I need another 4 months to complete my “to-do” list.

Truth: we haven’t

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Glamorous Friday Night

Tuesday Schäfer woke from his afternoon nap wanting to paint. After working on a few masterpieces, he said he was finished and he wanted to lay on the couch. Huh?

About 5pm, he fell asleep. Later that evening, he woke with a 103 degree fever and complained of an ear ache. (He’s never had

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Adoption Gift

The day after we met Sianna for the very first time, we visited the Jiangxi Center for Adoption Affairs to continue the never-ending paperwork.

While at the Jiangxi Center for Adoption Affairs…

01.25.10 We had one interview where we answered three questions: Why are you adopting? Will you educate her? Will you never abandon

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