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2010 December Daily :: 26 :: All is calm. All is bright.

Just after giving birth, I told Hubs that I wanted to fly home on the 26th. Surely, Christmas Day would be enough recovery time. Since we were still waiting on a birth certificate, we stayed in Qingdao a few days longer than expected. In the end, this was fine because it allowed Selah and I to establish a good feeding regimen.

After a morning feeding, Selah and I came out of the bedroom to find Hubs making cookies with Schäfer. Generally, about mid-December, I vow never to eat another sugar cookie because we bake so many of them at our Christmas parties. Since this Christmas season is completely out of the norm, Hubs decided to make cookies on December 26th.

The kids were so happy. They had no clue Christmas was supposed to be over.

Selah slept through her first Christmas cookie.

Munch! Munch!

Since we’ve been at this flat, Sianna has joined us at the big table. She’s such a cutie! She can barely see her food. (We had her sitting on a stack of books, but she wiggled too much and they kept sliding everywhere.)

Why eat raisins when there’s cookies?

All morning, Sianna played with the hair bows that Hubs and I gave her.

Sianna loves to have her hair washed, combed, brushed, etc.

This morning, I tried to get some photos of Selah. When she’s not eating, she’s sleeping.

Selah – day 3

Selah – day 3

Selah – day 3

Selah – day 3

Selah – day 3

This afternoon, Hubs took the kids to a play zone so that I could have some time with Selah. While she slept, I picked up the apartment and started a load of laundry. It felt good to do some tasks – besides nurse every 2 hours.

When I was sitting at the table eating lunch, I cried a few thankful tears for His blessing over our family in the last 48 hours. Then, I felt a flush of heat and I realized that my milk had just arrived. I was thankful because feeding Selah has been so easy compared to what I went though last go around.

Meanwhile, the jump zone was BUSY:


Regardless of the masses of kids and parents, both children enjoyed the playing!

2010-12-26@13-59-43 2010-12-26@14-01-36
Schäfer in his space station.


2010-12-26@14-18-29 2010-12-26@14-22-30
Sianna pulled off a few shots at some passing kids (with hubs help).

Then, Sianna loaded the gun while big brother fired.

Schäfer spent most of the time on this “spinner” as he calls it.

Hubs came home with 2 exhausted kids and Subway sandwiches for supper.  Thanks Hubs for giving me some quiet time with Selah!

4 comments to 2010 December Daily :: 26 :: All is calm. All is bright.

  • Charity

    I cried just reading about your crying at the table…3 precious kids- and what a story!! May you feel God’s presence again and again.

  • Marianne

    Beautiful baby girl! Beautiful kids. You have a lovely family. All your kids are gorgeous and so happy. Thank you for sharing your life in China with us here in West Texas!

  • Nanamaw

    Sweet pics of Christmas, simple is better. Grandmaw and I agree that Selah looks like Shorel right down to her feet!!! lol. She is precious. Love the pics of Sianna and the hairbows and Schafer making cookies…Glad your home. nanamaw

  • Erica

    So glad you got some down time today! And I am SO glad to hear how the nursing is going better this time around. I know after struggling through with 3 kids how challenging it can be!!
    AND – I can’t believe how much Selah looks like Schafer! Amazing!!


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