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2010 December Daily :: 27 :: Good News

This morning Hubs began giving final exams to his students via telephone. For a couple of hours, he barricaded himself inside the office. Meanwhile, Schäfer watched a Veggie Tale compliments of our guest apartment flat screen tv.

We spent the rest of the morning reading books.

Sianna loves to play with her blanket and bunny. She’s had a huge growth spurt since we arrived in QindDao. Most of her clothes no longer fit!

Whatever big brother is doing, Sianna wants to do it too!

After Hubs finished his morning exams, he called the nurse from the Municipal Hospital to see what the Women and Children’s District Bureau had decided regarding our birth certificate. He found out that Dr.Chee’s signature would be sufficient for the hospital to give us the birth certificate! Yay! Since today is Monday, we will need to wait until Dr.Chee was back at work on Wednesday to get his signature.

Selah – day 4

Selah – day 4

Selah – day 4

Selah – day 4

Selah – day 4 (just a few infant bumps remain)

Selah – day 4

Full belly. Must sleep.

The afternoon passed quickly. Hubs went to his office at Starbucks because he had to give exams via telephone from 2 – 6pm. The kids and I stayed inside and enjoyed the heating. Isn’t Sianna so snugly just after nap time?

This evening, I put the kids to bed. I am slowly learning how to balance life with three under three.

After I put the kids to bed, I walked into the living room to see this sweet moment: Selah & Hubs first father daughter dance.

I love this man.

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