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2010 December Daily :: 28 :: 3 under 3

Today was a challenge for me. Hubs had to finish giving final exams via phone so we agreed that he needed to go to his office from 8am – 12 and then again from 2-6pm. Thankfully, everyone came to “class” and took their exam via phone so about 99% of the work is done.

Trust me, we never planned on staying in QingDao this long!

Meanwhile, it was my first time to try to manage all three kids by myself. The early morning went fairly well. After just 5 days, the kids know that Mommy is unavailable when Selah is eating. They’ve also figured out that they can get into some mischief during this time.

Mid morning, Jacklyn and Alyssa stopped by to see how breastfeeding was going. It was nice to be able to have a conversation with someone that didn’t involve: when snacks would be eaten, if we could go outside, when we would read books, where was a certain toy… etc.

Unfortunately, both kids went into “extreme” mode.

Schäfer went wildly extroverted. He wanted to talk with our guests. He wanted to read books with our guests. He wanted to play with our guests. He wanted snacks. He wanted lunch.

Sianna went extreme stranger-aware mode. She started screaming the moment these women entered our home. Then, she pulled out all her tricks: throwing her hair bow, throwing toys, thrashing on the floor, screaming,  hitting herself, etc. Each episode ended with looking at me to see if I noticed. She finally calmed down once I had her in my lap which worked perfectly until it was time to feed Selah.

Needless to say, I was looking forward to having some company, but I was completely embarrassed by my children’s behavior.

When Hubs came home for lunch, I said that I was ready to go home. For 23 days, we’ve lived in limbo. It’s time to get back home and get back into our daily routine. Yes, we’ve had some fun and we do have a little routine here, but it’s time to get home.

We had great hopes the afternoon would go better. It did not.

The highlight of my day was how great breastfeeding is going. I’m putting 100% of my efforts into this.

Daily, I repeat my mantra to myself and to Hubs: I don’t want to make bottles at 12am, 3am, 5am, etc.

Other than being sleepy at times, Selah’s a breastfeeding pro!

I’m still on a 2 hour feeding “schedule” with supplemental demand feeding during the day. At night, I try to get up every 2 hours, but a couple of nights I’ve gone 4 hours before the next feed. After that time period, Selah comes quite hungry and can eat for almost 1.5 hours! She’s amazing.

After our first night, I’ve tried to encourage Hubs to get some sleep.

After all, one of us has to be sane.

Selah during a nap time.

One of the great facets to having home birth is that we get to do all of the firsts. We gave Selah her first bath on 12/26. (Thankfully, Hubs was with Schäfer during his first bath in the hospital nursery so he remembered not to get water in the umbilical cord, etc.) On 12/26, Hubs and I tag teamed giving Selah her first bath. Tonight, we felt much more secure in our parenting skills (ha!) so Hubs started the bath while I took a photo.

I’m so in love with the way Selah smells. I can’t bring myself to use baby soap on her.

I love these newborn days.

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