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2010 December Daily :: 30 :: Schäfer’s 4th birthday

This morning, Schäfer brought a stack of books to my bed and “read” while I fed Selah.

Happy birthday Schäfer!

He wanted cinnamon rolls for breakfast. He went into the kitchen and asked Papa how cinnamon rolls were made. Then, he ran back to the bedroom to give me the complete account of how to make cinnamon rolls.
Welcome to 4.

We’ve been experimenting with using a biscuit recipe for quick cinnamon rolls. So far the rolls have been pretty good, but it’s not quite at the level of deliciousness that I want to share it. These came out just a tad bit dry, so we ate them with pancake syrup.

Schäfer was quite sad not to be in JiuJiang where he could have cupcakes with his classmates and a party with his friends, but he understood that he would have those things when we returned to JiuJiang.

We gave Schäfer several options for his birthday. He chose to spend the entire day playing with Papa. So, about 9am the fabulous father and son duo headed to Jump Zone. They arrived there just before 10am and were the first ones there.

Schäfer’s goal was to play all day. Hubs goal was to wear him out!

Schäfer spent the entire day sprinting all over the play area.

Playing tag with his Papa!

One of Schäfer’s favorite activities is to jump from the highest platform into Hubs arms. Here he’s jumping from the spinning octopus.

Being buried in the ball pit is always a staple activity in the play area.

Sliding down the red slide…

…jumping off the white slide. Either way is fun!

Climbing up the shoe rack… in order to jump off.

Schäfer could have anything he wanted for lunch: pizza, chicken, hamburgers, etc. His one request: a tuna sandwich!

Papa splurged and got him an ice cream at Dairy Queen! Wow. Schäfer said it “had a bird on top”. (the little swirl)

After lunch and ice cream, it was back to the play zone.

Hubs had Schäfer haul and alligator into the play tubes.

Then he had him haul a second alligator. They come in pairs you know?

The final picture of the day. Schäfer was quite worn out! They dropped by the Jusco grocery store to pick up some dinner and travel food.

Hubs came home with sushi for supper. Yum.

In a random moment, I asked Hubs to set the camera on the tv stand to try to get a family photo. This turned out great and has inspired me to do this more often.

For a BIG, SPECIAL birthday treat, we were all going to watch Cars while the cake was in the oven. Schäfer had never seen Cars before and we just knew he was going to love it.

Just after the opening race Schäfer said, “Is it over now?”
“Errr… no.” I replied.

About 5 minutes later, he again asked,
“Is it over now?”
I finally clued in and asked, “Schäfer do you want to watch this?”
“Can I watch Thomas?”

What can I say? The guy loves trains. And 5 minute episodes.

For today’s family birthday celebration, we had a simple Mamaw’s White Cake with 4 tea light candles on top.

Today was a good day. (Soon after the final book, Hubs fell asleep… exhausted.)

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