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2010 December Daily :: 31 :: Goodbye 2010

Our final day in QingDao involved hosting a banquet for 7 friends who had been a tremendous help to us during our stay here. We all enjoyed a wonderful buffet at ToDai’s.

Schäfer loves zongzi.

Sianna was all about the chocolate mousse.

I’d say she loved it.

Selah passed on the chocolate Häagen Dazs.

Selah did great at the restaurant. She ate just before we got there. Then napped in the sling for a couple of hours. She was hungry just as we were about to leave. I thought she could make it until we got home, but she started getting fussy in the taxi. There were five of us crowded in the back so I didn’t want to breastfeed there, but then I thought, “This is exactly why I am breastfeeding. It’s so much easier than bottles.” So very discretely I got her latched.


Selah and I have been enjoying our first week together. For the most part, I’ve been sitting on the couch doing this:

Or doing this:

I suppose I could get up and do something like pick up the stray toys around the living room or reply to e-mail, but instead I find myself just sitting on the couch looking at Selah. It’s been a good week.


This evening Hubs and I tried to process 2010. I say tried because we were busy packing for tomorrow’s travel home and because both of us are tired. I can’t complain. Selah has already given me several four hour blocks at night.

We summed up this year as: “unexpected”.

This year our family increased by 66% with the addition of our daughters Sianna and Selah. I guess you could say they are Irish twins.

We moved to Jiujiang. We spent the first couple months trying to get our apartment livable. Nine months later many boxes still aren’t unpacked.

Within just a few days of moving, we got pregnant.

We hosted many guests in the summer, traveled to Hawaii, and visited family in Idaho and Arkansas.

2010 was unexpectedly good.

1 comment to 2010 December Daily :: 31 :: Goodbye 2010

  • Joyce

    I wish I could just stop by for a visit to meet all your precious babes and have a cup of tea. All of your postings are such a huge blessing to me and so many, reminders of how extravagant is the love God has for us all. Happy New Year the ever-growing Kleinert family!!!

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