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2010 December Daily :: 5 :: Toasty

During our entire time in China, we’ve heard about the complimentary heat in the north.  In brief, China requires buildings to have heating (generally steam heating) for families living above the Yellow River. (More info here and here.)

Anyway, this heating is so toasty that we’ve heard stories of northerners walking around their apartments in t-shirts and shorts in the middle of winter because it’s too hot. Since the heating is provided to the entire building there is no way to control it.

Meanwhile, down south we are freezing as it’s very difficult to get concrete walls to maintain warmth. Our home is generally the same temperature inside as outside.  We wear 6 layers non-stop for 3-4 months. And as my wise local friend once pointed out, “It’s not like we are provided air conditioning in the summer!”

So in all my frantic packing, I forgot to bring our shorts and t-shirts.

It’s true. I’M HOT.

The kids (and hubs) have been running around without socks… or pants… or shirts…

I kind of want to crack a window. Or take a cold shower.

QingDao in December: Internally warm. Externally windy.

Since today is Sunday, we attended a wonderful international gathering. It was a delight to sing Christmas songs with so many people. I felt like the entire fellowship greeted us with a big hug. I’ve been in need of a hug.

While there, we ran into the J family whom we have not seen for several years. We knew these friends from when we lived in California. Oh my word. I couldn’t believe how much their kids have grown. We enjoyed a most delicious lunch with them – probably the best Korean food I’ve ever eaten.

Yum. We love Korean! (The people and the food!)

After lunch, we rode the bus back to the apartment and got the kids down for naps.

Since we’ve been in QingDao, Sianna has been especially clingy. I can hardly move around the apartment without her wanting to be held. We’ve gone back to doing regular “holding time” just to connect face to face.

During lunch, our friends called it as soon as they saw her behavior: she knows something is going on with Mommy – she doesn’t understand exactly what it is, but she knows.

It’s true.

In the midst of the packing and traveling, I haven’t thought about why Sianna is behaving this way. I assumed it was because we were in a new environment, but we’ve been in new environments before and it has never been like this.

She doesn’t want Papa. She wants Mommy. Non-stop.

Change is coming little girl…you’re about to become a big sister.

Can someone open a window?

2 comments to 2010 December Daily :: 5 :: Toasty

  • Beth

    Abby has been the same way with me! She knows something is going on and is especially clingy with mama these days! She's older than Sianna so understands a bit more, but it's the same deal-baby's coming and even though she doesn't quite know what that means she knows she needs as much time with mommy as she can get now. Praying for you for an easy labor and safe, healthy birth!

  • I think the best part of each new child is sharing that precious baby with all the others. Sianna will LOVE her new baby “doll” to pieces and what a proud and great big brother he/she will have. Praying for a safe delivery.

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