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2010 December Daily :: 25 :: Merry Christmas

At 8am we were suppose to be at the hospital trying to get a birth certificate. By the time we got up, got dressed, fed Selah, and got out the door it was 9am. Welcome to life with a newborn – not even 24 hours old!

We got to the hospital and waited a while

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2010 December Daily :: 23 :: a 3 wish Christmas

Hubs went to the office this morning after breakfast. I wanted him to finish all of his work today so that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day could be computer free.

Despite yesterday’s solid 4 hours, he still had a few e-mails waiting for his attention.

The weather outside is again frightful. This morning, the kids

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2010 December Daily :: 22 :: the Christmas Plan

The morning was spent baking granola and washing dishes from yesterday’s potluck contribution. We also called Nano to wish him a Happy Birthday.

Both kids love homemade granola with yogurt.

I read to the kids while Hubs put the beef stew together on the stove. Oh beef – how I have missed thee!

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Christmas Card 2010

(on the back)

JAN: Adopted our beautiful Sianna at 8-months-old

FEB: After a visa run, finally brought Sianna home. Celebrated Chinese New Year with two precious families.

MAR: Made a final visa run to Hong Kong. Moved cities! Found out we were pregnant with #3!

APR: Installed a kitchen and closets in our new

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2010 December Daily :: 21 :: a Christmas Party

The morning began with Schäfer and I walking to the nearby Municipal Hospital. I needed to pick up my lab results from yesterday. Sianna also had a general check-up so she and Hubs arrived about 30 minutes after Schäfer and I. Sometimes tag-teaming is the fastest way to get out of the house!

My lab

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2010 December Daily :: 20 :: Joyeux Noël!

The morning started with my beloved wife heading over to a nearby hospital to confirm whether she still has a liver. Apparently, her last blood work results made a doctor want to give her a bunch of medicine. Sandra wasn’t comfortable with this since she’s 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant.

In search of a

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