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Day 1 of Single Parenting

Early this morning, long before the sunrise, Hubs set off on an 8 day excursion.

Meanwhile, I woke up with a plugged duct. I immediately reached over to my nightstand and grabbed this book.

In addition to applying heat and nursing often, here’s what the experts recommend:

“Rest is essential at the first sign of

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Finally, a family photo + tips

I was once asked: When you have such a nice camera, why do you go to a photo studio and pay someone else to take your photos?

This is my answer: We’re all in the photo! This shot isn’t perfect, but I’m celebrating all eyes open + a general state of happiness.

But not every

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Thank You Pertle Family

With international shipping now at $12 per pound, getting a care package is RARE.

When people ask what we need, I often say nothing because there’s generally not much that we need. If you’re a really good friend, I might hit you up for some deodorant. Otherwise, I define “need” as food, clothing and shelter.

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The Reluctant Taxi Driver

This morning, Sianna was still recovering from yesterday’s Family Fun Day.

We made it to the airport in plenty of time to grab some Burger King before our plane took off.

Our flight back was uneventful. Selah slept. Hubs read.

Schäfer watched Thomas.

I assisted Sianna in getting a much

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Beijing Family Fun Day

After our business was taken care of at the embassy, we decided to stay in Beijing for one extra day. After all, the hotel had heating! What a luxury!

This morning, we headed to Fun Dazzle. We had heard about this great indoor playground from another family, but we weren’t too sure on the

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2.5 hours of containment

We made it to the embassy well before our 8:30am appointment.

Little did we know we’d be sitting there for 2.5 hours.

Unlike the Guangzhou or Hong Kong Consulates, the Beijing Embassy has no toys.

In fact, with it’s modern, gray floors and silver accents, it looks like a place Jack Bauer might work.


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