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Lantern Festival 2011

After the celebration at Schäfer’s preschool, we decided to stop by the grocery store and grab some peanut tong yuan to go with our lunch. We had to walk to two grocery stores before we found the peanut variety. It was worth going the extra distance

After nap time, Schäfer played with his lantern in our living room tunnel.

He made this earlier in the week at preschool.

Sianna played with Selah. She absolutely adores Selah and gives her kisses at every opportunity.

Happy 1st Lantern Festival! Selah at 1 month 24 days.

Who needs TV when you’ve got siblings?

Schäfer spent the late afternoon working on a puzzle.

Sianna colored a picture.

Then, she wanted to organize the play dough toys.

I can’t believe they are both big enough to sit at the table and do an activity.

Flashback to Lantern Festival 2010:
I know! Wow. What a difference a year makes!

About 5pm, Hubs was free so we decided to go to town in search of beautiful lanterns and long riddles. We asked several people where the celebrations would be held, but when we got to that location all we found were firework vendors.

Apparently, the festivities began around 10pm. That’s way past our tots bed time.

For fun, we bought a paper lantern and set it off from our neighborhood.

Hubs lit the lantern while Schäfer provided any and all assistance.

With the tip of a finger, our lantern floated away.


2011-02-17@19-05-04 2011-02-17@19-05-07
Hubs grabbed it back to make sure enough air was inside. It would totally ruin the moment if the entire lantern suddenly went aflame.

2011-02-17@19-05-12 2011-02-17@19-05-16


We came home and  lit our final 2 sparklers off the balcony. (Sianna’s holding a flashlight because… it was within reach.)

Chinese New Year 2011: over & out.

2 comments to Lantern Festival 2011

  • Lynn

    Beautiful pictures, but I’m amazed you got Sienna and Schafer to sit at the same table without Sienna grabbing the puzzle! That is magic. My Maggie has to do everything that Will does at the moment he does it. He had to go over to my mom’s house and spend the night by himself so he could play with some of his birthday toys. 🙂

  • Love this post–especially the part about the flashlight! 🙂

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